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Software Update October 2020

October 16, 2020
Features in this release are focused on increasing your reach through enhancements to Email Designer and improving your sponsor exposure via an updated look to your event details page. In addition, we've made a few of your everyday tasks much easier by giving better options for handling sponsor/attendee registrations and now allow autopay to be enabled by default. Check out the details of these items and more below.

More Exposure for your Sponsors - More Balanced Look for your Event Details

We listened to your feedback and have updated the event details pages for those on v4 public modules (see image on right). Here's a quick look at the changes:

  • Event Description always remains at the top - instead of showing under the quick-glance details
  • The quick-glance details are now on the right sidebar (more like v3 events)
  • Sponsors can now be placed on the right sidebar in addition to the existing locations (top and bottom) - making three locations to choose from.

No action is required to receive this new look - you will see this new version immediately if you are on version 4 of the public modules.

Note: If you have implemented your own page arrangement via custom CSS, your existing layout will remain in effect. If you wish to have this new layout, please contact for instruction on how to remove your custom CSS and have the new layout enabled instead.

Don't have this look on your event page? Find out how to get this free update to v4 public modules.

Email Designer - View as a Webpage and Link Tracking Added

The Email Designer, a drag and drop email creation and sending tool, received two more great improvements at this release.

View as a Webpage:
You can now post a link to your newsletter (or any other Email Designer email) on your Facebook page or include it on your website in your newsletter archives.

To find this link, go to Communication>Email Status Summary. Click into the Email Designer email that you sent out. Click on "Make this email viewable in a web browser". Then the link will be provided. Copy the link and post it wherever you want to provide public access.

In addition, you'll now see an option to include a "view as webpage" link when sending your email as well (see image on right). Recipients can open the email and view in their web browser in case they have trouble viewing it in their email program.

Link Tracking:
Are your members clicking the call-to-action links you included in your newsletters? How many times have your links been clicked? Which of your recipients clicked which links?

Enable link tracking for your Email Designer emails under Setup>General Options and Settings by selecting the "Enable Link Tracking in Email Designer". Then when sending your next Email Designer email, you'll be able to view the "Tracking Statistics" report to see how it goes.

Not familiar with Email Designer? 
Watch this video to see it in action» You can also see our recent release notes on all of the benefits of using this integrated email designer. Take it for a test drive today under Communication>Create Email Designer Email. Read more about this in the wiki.

Wondering how to get this new tool? Contact for details on adding the Email Designer to your software package.

Remove sponsor registration; keep attendee

Have you ever needed to way to change a combination sponsor/attendee registration to an attendee-only registration? You likely needed to contact customer service to help you.

Now you can do this yourself by clicking the (S) on their registration on the Guest List (see image on right). You'll see an explanation of how to manage the sponsor portion of their registration but then an option to "Remove sponsor registration, keep attendee". The invoice/payment will remain untouched but simply remove them from being listed on the Sponsors tab.

Note: We already have a way to change an event registration from a Sponsor/attendee combination to be a sponsor-only registration - click into the registration and change the Status to "Sponsor Only - Not Attending".

Autopay can be enabled by default*

Are you looking to encourage autopay by your members? Now you can enable the autopay selection by default.

If you use GrowthZone Pay (GZ Pay), you can enable autopay under Setup>Billing Options & Settings in the Credit Card section. Once autopay is enabled, check the box to "Set Autopay checkbox "On" by default (see image on right).

Remember that the customer will still be prompted with all the details and must agree to the recurring charge. However, many customers prefer to put their billing on auto-pilot but might have overlooked the option to turn it on. And with customers asking for this ability, we wanted to make sure you knew that this is now available.

Customers not utilizing GZ Pay -
The ability to offer the option to enable autopay is only available to those customers with GZ Pay. Contact to learn more about this uniquely integrated payment processor. GZ Pay offers many direct benefits that are not able to be offered through third party payment processors like or PayPal. In addition, ability to take credit card payment with a card reader from the staff app is only possible with GZ Pay.

Want to know more details?  Read all about it in the wiki.
*Requires GrowthPay with autopay enabled.
Other Notable Updates
  • Phone numbers in event registrations will now honor the standard phone number formatting (xxx) xxx-xxxx. No matter if the registrant enters digits without the desired formatting, the end result in your registration will be the proper format.That way if you eventually bring these on into your database, their phone numbers will already be formatted in a way that matches the rest of your phone numbers.
  • State and Province two-letter abbreviations will now be stored as part of the contact information for membership entered from the Membership Application. No longer will you have some applications come into the database where the applicant spelled out the full state/province or even worse, spelled it incorrectly. The application will now automatically provide the proper state/province drop-down list based on the country selected on the app. The default country selected will be your association's country. No action required on your end. Requires v4 Membership application. Applies only to US and Canada associations.

Providing new features and more benefits is something that GrowthZone is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, please understand that sometimes the updates have required significant programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.