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Software Update October 2014

October 03, 2014
Make it easy for website visitors to plan a trip to your community
Trip Builder creates a mapped itinerary with stops at your events, members and their deals*

Trip Builder allows website visitors to add events, deals and members to their itinerary while browsing your site. Once on the Trip Builder page, they can view and arrange these items into a day planner that has options to save, share and print their itinerary including maps that give directions starting at their first stop and ending with their last stop. View this video to see how it works *Available for purchase as an add-on module to any edition; requires public modules v3. Contact for pricing information.
Send business to your members
New module: Request for Proposal

A small business needs a quote for a copy machine. Another is looking for a venue for their next conference.  

Add the Request for Proposal (RFP) module* to your website where the community will enter the details of their need. Once submitted you'll have the opportunity to select the members that would be a match to fulfill this need. 

Once approved, an email is immediately sent to these members with a link to all the details which they will find inside the Member Information Center. See what this looks like.

*Available to those with Pro edition; requires public modules v3 and Member Information Center v3 or 4 
Automatic recurring credit card billing*
Available for Authorize.NET customers with Integrated Billing**

New integration with Authorize.NET's Customer Information Manager (CIM) now provides a secure method of storing credit card information which opens the door for you to bill a recurring amount to the credit card of your members.  In addition, members will have a secure and easy way to save their credit card so they can pay bills faster next time.

To get started with this, login to your Authorize.NET account and enable the Customer Information Manager (CIM) (a small monthly fee will most likely apply ~$20/mo).  

Then in ChamberMaster / MemberZone, login under Setup->Billing Options and Settings and enable the "Securely store credit/debit card information for re-use" in the Credit Card section.  You may now begin taking credit card numbers from your members that you will use when setting up their recurring billing.  How do you setup the recurring billing?  Watch this video to find out how.

In order to integrate this new selection with the legacy option that we've called "ACH" for many years, we renamed the old "ACH" selections to "Manual epayment". It still works the way it used to but now the new automated selections are integrated into these same choices. See where your old 'ACH" choices went.  

*Automatic recurring ACH billing is also available. Select "Allow payment with bank account information " under Setup->Billing Options and Settings in addition to "Securely store credit/debit card information for re-use".
**Requires Integrated billing; Authorize.NET AIM integration; CIM enabled at Authorize.NET for credit/debit card management; and/or eCheck enabled at Authorize.NET for ACH bank drafts. Note: Authorize.NET gateway emulators are not supported at this time.
Mass Fee Editor Available*
Assign member fees based on a formula

Are your fees based off certain conditions? Number of reps? Category assignment? Number of full time employees?
Do you need to assign a voluntary fee as a percentage of their base membership fee?

With the new Mass Fee Editor feature you can determine the new fee amount based on your own formula.

Here's how: Select Setup->Advanced Mass Fee Editor using Excel in the Billing section.  After selecting the fee(s) you'd like to change, you'll be presented with a spreadsheet that includes your active and courtesy members along with the selected fees and a variety of common fields (# of rep, #  of FTE, categories etc) and any custom fields you choose.  Place your new amount in the designated column, either by typing it in or creating a formula based on any of the exported columns or your own math equation. Save the spreadsheet, preview the updates, and import your new fee amounts onto the member account. You can also make mass updates to the renewal month, frequency, auto-bill, or quantity fields.

Making these updates in an Excel sheet give flexibility to handle your pricing the way you want.  Watch this video to see the power available. *Available to those with Premier or Pro edition and Integrated Billing.
Order fees on Invoice Batches
Drag and drop the correct order on the Account tab

Whatever order you drag the fees on the Members' Account tab is the order they will appear on the invoice when created in the Monthly Renewals batch.  Don't forget to save after dragging them into position.

  • Membership status pie chart on the Dashboard->Message Center tab no longer includes 'Deleted' members as these members are not visible or accessible.
Member Information Center
  • Members may now submit recurring events for your approval from the Member Information Center (v3/v4). Staff only need to approve the first occurrence to set them all approved.
  • More precise searching available: Keyword search in the Member Directory now recognizes quotations around phrases so your results can be more precise.  For instance, searching for "car wash" (quotes included) will now only return those members that have exactly "car wash" in their title, description or keywords.  In addition, the "+" sign within the search field is now supported so searching for "car + wash" (quotes not included) will return only those members with both "car" and "wash" while entering "car wash" (without quotes) will return those with either "car" or "wash".
  • Determine which filters should be available in the Member Information Center directory search by selecting them under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings->Settings tab under the Searching section. Choose from QuickLink category search, your own business categories search and a filter to view all new members (those with a Join Date of today or 30 days prior).
  • Links inside the default Welcome Message displayed on the Dashboard/Home page in the Member Information Center will now display using the appropriate Member Information Center version. Links such as hot deals, job postings and events previously brought the member to the original MIC v1 screens where they could function but kept them in the older version of the MIC. Now all links point to the correct MIC version.
Integrated Billing
  • In order to integrate with the new recurring credit card billing feature announced this month with the legacy option that we've called "ACH" for many years, we renamed the old "ACH" selections to "Manual epayment". It still works the way it used to but now the new automated selections are integrated into these same choices. See where your old 'ACH" choices went 
  • New ability to sort payments by A/R Account in the Deposits download.  The downloaded file, available on the Deposit tab after clicking Download Listing, now includes a new column - the A/R Account name which is recorded for each payment.
  • With the new "Associate with Event" button available on all Sales Receipts and Invoices, you'll be able to include any receipt or invoice on event reports which is particularly helpful if you have miscellaneous income that is related to the event but was billed separately.  Now all this income can be reported under the associated event.  A new report has been created to display this information in one location, "All Event Invoices and Receipts", found under the Reports modules. 
  • Time zone information will now display and be included in the output of your event details in the following locations: public module (v3) and MIC (v4) event display details, event invitation emails; iCal output and RSS feeds.  The time zone specified on the Event-> General tab is used or if not present, it will use the time zone of your association specified under Setup->Organization Information
  • The download on the event guest list now includes any Rep Custom Fields (from the Members->Reps tab) in addition to custom fields specific to that event, giving ability to view any custom settings/selections that may have been placed on your rep's record.
  • New warning messages will appear on Events->Fees tab when turning on the "Allow members/nonmembers to register..." selections if the settings to allow members and non-members to register along with the assigned fee items would make it so registrants would be able to register for free. Free registration is allowed, of course, but this warning will serve as a notification of that in case that is not what you truly wanted.
  • QuickLink category assignments will now display at the top of the /Marketspace page when using version 3 public modules. This was a feature previously available in v2 public modules and now is included in v3 as well.
Member Management
  • When adding a new member to the database using the Add button, you will be notified with an immediate warning if the members' website address entered in the Website field matches the website address listed on any other member's record.  This will keep you from entering a duplicate record but give you the freedom to continue if this member is not really a duplicate.  The Company Name, Rep Name, and phone number fields are already being checked in this manner too.
Member and Event public URLs
  • Updating the name of the member or an event will automatically update the URL that is used to access their details page with an SEO-friendly URL that includes the updated name.  Previously if an update occurred, the original SEO-friendly URL remained in place which included the original member or event name.  Contacting Customer Service was the only way to accomplish this but now it will happen automatically whenever you change the name. Note: anyone accessing the old URL will automatically be redirected to the updated URL.
Credit Card payment screens for staff
  • Credit card payment taken in your software for invoices, hot deals, and job postings will use a new checkout screen that matches the checkout already in use that members see when making payment from the Member Information Center.

  • The Membership status pie chart on the Dashboard will no longer display a pie slice for deleted members.
  • The public Weather module has been updated with a new look and a "non-flash" format which is better suited for those browsing from their mobile devices.
Additional Updates
  • Additional updates that have been pushed live into production in the past several months that you may have already seen.

Providing new features and more benefits is something that MicroNet, Inc. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required much programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members