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Software Update November 2014

November 14, 2014
Enjoy feature-rich updates to existing modules such as Request for Proposal, Trip Builder, Events and Integrated Billing that will enhance your functionality.
Watch a recorded webinar demonstrating the features.
Mass Drop and Write-off capability*

No one wants to write-off and drop members but reality dictates that this will happen and often needs done for multiple members at one time.

View the Billing report, Past Due Members / Mass Drop, to see a list of those with overdue amounts, how much they owe, and information to help you understand their current standing including "Member Since", "Last Renewal", "Lifetime Membership Value", "Last Payment Received", and "Aging of Member Dues Owed".

Make sure to check the boxes to "Disable the rep in their groups" and "Write-off member balance" and then select those you'd like to drop.  A global Drop Reason and Drop Comment can be specified but also allows a custom Drop Reason override for each member if desired.  Click Drop Selected Members and you just gained more time back in your schedule. 
*Available with Integrated Billing
Print a Payment Receipt

  • When receiving payment on an invoice you can now print or email a quick receipt for that payment (not to be confused with a sales receipt).
  • Print and Email buttons will now display on the payment screen.
  • A new default template for Payment Receipt has been created and may be modified like any other billing template.
Bulk Event Registration

Do you need to register all the board members for all the Board Member Meeting event? Did the Gold membership level include automatic registration for Business After Hours? Do you have one rep that purchased the Monthly Luncheon package?

Easily add attendees to multiple events and display them as "Registered" on the Guest List. Bulk Event Registration registers your guests, bypassing all required and custom fields.

If this guest will not be charged, select "Mark As No Charge" for accurate record keeping.

Typically guests that are registered using Bulk Event Registration don't often have fees or other required/custom fields that must be completed. However, note that this feature is creating a standard event registration that may edited later like any other registration. Look for these attendees on your Guest List* with the comment "Added by bulk registration".

Find this selection on the Events->Calendar tab.

*This comment will show on the new updated Guest List available by clicking New Version in the upper corner of the Guest List tab or available already on your Guest List if you've turned on the updated event registration. Hint: Make sure to add Attendee Comments as one of your available columns.
Manage Request for Proposals (available in Pro edition)

Manage and view history on Requests for Proposal (RFPs) submitted by clicking the MIC button in your upper right-hand tool bar.

Select Request for Proposal in the Member Information Center.

View the current RFPs or view inactive or upcoming RFPs.

From there you can edit or delete any RFP.  

See Request for Proposal details in Help Search or watch this video to get a look at how this new module will work (introduced Oct 2014).
Experience Cutting Edge Features Now  - Two New Beta Releases ready!

Turn on BETA Event Registration Update

Event registration has been undergoing a make-over these past months - the public modules, the Member Information Center registration links and your staff access in the back office software.

New functions, new look, easier to use:
  • Custom event instructions per event
  • Custom confirmation message per event
  • Event confirmation email can easily be resent
  • Members able to edit their registration within specific boundaries
  • Event sponsors display on the registration screen
  • A single fee item can now handle multiple attendee names (e.g. table of 8)
  • Limit the quantity of event fee items available to sell
  • Easy auto-complete field helps you and attendees complete a registration
  • Guest List has easy to understand icons (e.g. red $ icon = unpaid registration)
Completed this month and now ready for use by customers that are anxious to start trying out the new features.  Turn on the beta version of event registration when you are ready. Full documentation, videos, and additional tweaks will be made in the next few weeks and then this updated event registration will be activated for all users and announced at an upcoming release. Available now if you'd like a preview or want to put these features into use already now.
Note: Associations that are currently on the beta release of the updated public module registration will also be seeing the beta back office update as well meaning you will be seeing the updated Guest List by default now. No need to click "New Version" in the upper right corner anymore.  

Project Management - BETA version for Pro customers

Get in on the ground level and start checking out the new Project Management module.

Learn how to create a project (a named set of tasks) that can be assigned to a member, an event or general everyday responsibilities.

For example, create a project with all the follow-up tasks performed when you bring on a new member. Or create a project to itemize the required tasks to get your event off and running.

The individual tasks can be assigned to different staff members, monitored for completion, commented on and viewed calendar-style for a big picture look at what is going on amongst all tasks, people and projects. Or view specific tasks related to a certain member or specific event by viewing the new Tasks tab in each module, Members and Events respectively.

Do you have a project that would be used over and over each time a new member joined or whenever that same event came around?  Great. Create and save a template of your tasks. Then next time you bring on the new member or run the repeat event, just select the saved template when creating the project.  Voilà!  Your tasks are created, assigned and automatically dated appropriately based on your event or member's "target date".  

How? Relative date assignments in the template determine when the tasks will be due. Staff roles, based on employee titles in your organization, allow automatic assignment of tasks to the right staff even if your staff members change.
This is only the beginning. Full integration to your database mean endless possibilities - a custom project management tool right in your software. 
*Available to Pro edition customers
Other Updates

Integrated Billing
  • Sales by Account Representative report now includes a filter by sales rep - no need to download and exclude unneeded reps; you can pick the desired rep right on the screen.
  • Past Due Invoice Totals line graph on the Dashboard->Finance tab has been renamed to Open Invoice Totals and adjusted to match the total amount that displays when running an unfiltered A/R Aging Detail report, which is the report this graph is linked to.
  • Track how many sponsorships of a certain type have been sold. When assigning your event fee (Events->Fees tab), make sure to select "Maximum quantity available to sell".

Request for Proposal (available in Pro edition)
  • Two reports have been created to display Request for Proposal (RFP) activity: RFP Annual Summary and RFP Activity Report. Click Reports in your left-hand menu and search for 'rfp'.  Check out how the Request for Proposal module can help you bring business to your members.
  • When the courtesy notification email is sent (upon RFP approval) to members in the categories selected on the RFP, a Task/Category is automatically assigned to this communication history item of "RFP", making it much easier to search and sort for all RFPs when viewing the Communication->Member Contact Report or viewing the members' history on the Members->Communication tab.
Trip Builder
  • Trip Builder Annual Summary report is now available to display the number of trips created on your site, the members, events or hot deals included in the trips and the month created. Search for 'trip' in the Reports module. See Trip Builder details in Help Search or watch this video to get a big picture of this new module (introduced Oct 2014).
Member Information Center (MIC)
  • The editor that members use when creating Hot Deals, Member to Member Deals, News Releases, and Event submissions has been updated to the latest version in order to better support recent updates to the variety of browsers used by members.
  • Without appropriate display preferences, the name of the rep that posts in the Community Feed will not be hyperlinked. The rep will be reminded at the time of their post that they could set their preferences to allow others to view their details.
  • Staff will no longer see "Register" buttons for events when they use the MIC button in the upper right-hand tool bar. Staff should register from the public event website or through the Events->Guest List instead of using the MIC button. (MIC v4)
  • Allow all members to upload and display enhanced content in the Member Information Center such as photos, logos, highlighted bullet points,an enhanced description and other enhanced features typically only available to those with an Enhanced Web Participation selection (Members->Web tab) and previously only available with the Marketing Package. Turn on this ability to upload enhanced content under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings in the Additional Features section on the Settings tab. This feature was enabled automatically for you in February 2013 and then reversed in June 2014 as there were different philosophies within our associations on how to implement. This software update provides you a selection so you can decide yourself if you'd like enhanced content available to all members within the MIC.
  • Job Posting Hits report now displays two cleanly identified filter selections to make it easier to understand the results you will receive. 
Member Management
  • The Suffix field length on representative records has been increased to allow up to 50 characters.
Info Request
  • The staff notification email of a submitted Info Request has been updated with fresh font styles. The From address may also appear differently so that it is not prone to "look-like spam" and end up in your junk folder. If you have an SPF record defined for your domain the email will come the email address in your own database under Setup->Organization Information (as long as it is valid). If not, the email will come from  Either way, this should improve the chances that the request for information on your website will end up in your Inbox.  Note: Applies to both v2 and v3 public modules.
Constant Contact
  • Updates were completed to coincide with recent updates to Constant Contacts code changes.  Your nightly Membership Type and All Active Reps automatic synchs will once again remove deleted reps from the Constant Contact automatically during the nightly synch. Groups will now automatically remove reps that have been disabled in their groups. Note: Deleting a rep from a group does NOT delete them from the Constant Contact list. If deleting is necessary, disable them first, run a manual synch, and then you may delete them from the group.
  • New Constant Contact customers will now be connected to version 2 of our Constant Contact API.  Connecting now only requires you to authorize your connection under Setup->General Options and Settings->Add-on Manager.  Existing customers that wish to upgrade to the new v2 API are welcome to do so as well. Click the Authorize link and enter your Constant Contact credentials.