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Software Update March 2020

March 18, 2020
This release includes important maintenance items required to keep your public website modules running well and up-to-date. Additional updates are also being implemented for GZ Pay customers. A few other updates included as well. Look for Benefit tracking to be released next month.
Additional Spam Detection added

Additional methods have been implemented to stop spam applications from being accepted into your list of Pending Applications.

This new method is expected to consistently extract spam applications only but if there is any reason to believe that a legitimate application made it through, you'll find we've captured all spam applications in the Setup>System Event log. Search for 'spam'.

Thank you for the feedback that has allowed us to eliminate this additional method used by the spammers!

Implemented 2/28/2020; applies to both v3 and v4 membership applications
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v4 Website Module Updates

Various updates to website modules

v4 Website modules went live in 2019 and continue to be updated with fixes and new features. Miscellaneous fixes are listed below. If you want to update to this modern, updated look for free on your public website modules, click here to find out more.
  • Support for the URL Text field that allows you to specify a more friendly phrase on the member details page.
  • On the Event details page where a 3rd party website is linked, it will now open in a new window instead of the same window.
  • News Releases for a specific member will now show a News icon and link out to all news articles tied to that member.
  • The Groups module now displays the group description on the top of the page. 
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GZ Pay Payment Processing Updates (Stripe)
  • Setup: The Account Setup screen under Setup-Billing Control Panel for GZ Pay customers has been updated to comply with required updates from Stripe. Details about the Stripe Account Holder will now be collected directly from Stripe in a form designed and controlled by Stripe, delivered on a URL. Most customers will not notice any difference because you rarely need to go into Setup. But if you happen to be in the middle of setting up your account, you'll see that there is a new button in the Account holder section so you can view and edit your information. See example

  • New Email Template: GZ Pay users that have Auto-pay enabled, you can now take advantage of a new email template, "Auto-pay Invitation - GZ Pay Customers" to invite and instruct your members how to sign-up for auto-pay. See how to access a template. See how to enable auto-pay.
Other Updates
  • ePayment Profile Report: A new ability to filter the payment profiles report by member status will give a clearer picture of which profiles might be critical to follow-up on if they are Invalid or Expired. You'll then be able to use this report to reach out to these members by using the newly added fields of phone and email address.
  • Banner ads (for those with the Marketing Package, Premiere or Pro edition): Set the maximum banner size that you can upload here by changing the values under Setup ->General Options & Settings in the Sponsorship Ads (Banners) section See where. You may wish to set this at a larger size such as 728 x 90 instead of the 480 x 60 that may have been set in this field. Now this is under your control instead of needing to request access to have this changed.  

Benefit Tracking - Coming in April
Thank you to those who have been participating in our beta program! Your feedback has been very valuable. We will be completing the beta program soon and ready to go live in April.

How will I know when this feature is ready for all
Watch for an upcoming announcement and information on your Dashboard about this new great feature!
Providing new features and more benefits is something that GrowthZone is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, please understand that sometimes the updates have required significant programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.