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Software Update March 2014

March 21, 2014
Listen to a recording of the workshop held on 3/21 to hear more about the updates and new features.

  • Switching to the new MIC
    It is quick and easy. There is no cost to upgrade to MIC 4.0 but we do recommend that you understand what changes your members will see when you make the switch. Whether you are on version 1 or version 3, we recommend that you go straight to version 4.
  • Four ways to log into the MIC
    As a staff member you can log into the MIC as an admin so that you can monitor what is happening in the MIC or you can impersonate a member or rep login so that you can assist your members with the MIC experience. By impersonating a rep you can see what they see should they call in for help.
  • New Dashboard
    We used large, visual buttons to focus on the things your members do the most like events, directory searches, adding hot deals, news and more. With a mobile responsive design, the MIC will look as good on a mobile phone or tablet as it does on a computer, making it easy for your members to engage with you on the go.
  • Account Settings
    Modeled after popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, your members can update their profiles, change their passwords, upload both a personal profile pic and company logo, pay their bills and more. We've consolidated our navigation and made account settings much easier.
  • Social Feed - Overview & Adding Photos
    The members only social feed allows your members to engage both with your association and with other members. They can post status updates, hot deals, events, photos, videos and more to the social feed. With the favorites feature, they can keep track of committees, groups or their closest peers. Members can comment and like on content and as staff you can monitor the feed and delete content if neccessary.
  • Social Feed - Adding Video
  • Directory - Filters and Custom Field Filters
    You can now give members greater control of how they are found by making custom fields searchable in the MIC directory. Some examples of searchable fields would be Years in Business, Hourly Rates, Availabilty.
  • Directory - vCards, favorite, reviews, rep photo
    Members can download their favorite contacts in Outlook, Gmail or Apple devices using the new vcard feature. They can favorite members and reps for quick access in the directory or social feed and reps can review members they have done business with to encourage additional business.
  • Directory - Category Attributes Search Filters
    Add Category Attributes to any business category to further identify the characteristics of your members.For your restaurants, you could specify an attribute group called "Cuisine Type" with attribute tags of "Italian", "American", "Mexican", etc. and another group for "Average Entree" price. Your search results will drill right down to what your visitors are looking for.
  • Custom Links
    Create custom navigation in the MIC. You can create groups of links to news sources, town resources or more. The custom links were previosuly used by some of our clients to store resources. If this is the case for you, you should move your custom links to the "resources" module. This will free up your navigation for other options or simply clean up the dashboard.
  • Resources
    In this area you can share documents, videos, websites, images and more with your members. You can categorize these resources for quick access and searchability. You can also restrict access to these resources to any group you create in the back office such as board minutes, committee agendas, planning notes, etc so that only those members that are part of those groups can access the resources.
 Update your personal profile 2:05 -
 Update your company profile 6:52  -

  • Events Guest List
    • Modify Event Guest List (the new .NET one) to list records by registration attendee rather than by registration
    • Reduce accidental addition of duplicate attendees for event registrations; notify user the person is already added
  • Event General tab
    • Uploading the Search Results logo is now at the top of the General tab instead of the bottom - helps you to remember this important image
    • Custom event registration fields and attendee limit fields have been moved from the Guest List tab to the General tab - keeps "event setup items" better located in one place.
  • Integrated Billing
    • Account tab Membership Fees & Dues now shows the Bill-To override if applicable.  The Transaction History may also be filtered to show transactions billed to a particular rep and may optionally display the bill-to contact information.
  •  Contact All Businesses   
    In the online business directory there is an option, "Contact these Businesses", that allows a website visitor to email all members within a particular category. We have added an option called "Require Staff Approval Before Delivery" under Setup > Business Directory Control Panel > Search Results when "Allow business directory visitors to simultaneously contact multiple members" is enabled. When this option is enabled, leads submitted through this method show up in the task list as web leads. They require staff approval before being sent to members. You can also reject messages. Requires public modules version 2 or greater.

  • Reps creating a new login account will be brought immediately to the screen where they create their new credentials (eliminates one unnecessary screen in the process)
  • Reps that have already created an account who use their invitation link again will be told immediately that their account already exists and be offered links to login or a link to be reminded of their password.
  • Add an account creation link to any email inviting a representative to create their own login account. Insert the new mail merge field, "Create Account Link", found in the Rep Contact Information section after clicking the Add Database Field at any location in your emails or any templates you've created.  View this video to see all options for inviting your reps to create an account. Start at 4:20 to see the new database field only.
  • Modify billing reports to allow filtering by new fee item types (Non-Dues and Pledges)
  • Requirement to type the word DELETE to delete a group that has people in it, an event, an event attendee, a member and a rep
  • The "Primary" column in Members > Reps tab has been changed to to a "Type" column that shows both Primary and Billing account types
  • A "Return to Previous Screen" button has been added on both the Member and Rep Detail page in MIC 4.0
  • Staff now has the ability to get notified when new Reps are created in the MIC - Add this to your notifications under Setup->Employees/Reps in the Additional Settings section under your name
  • When content is added in the MIC that requires approval, the system notifies the person who submitted the content instead of the primary rep (this takes affect without any changes on your end!)
  • The "Promote your Business" section of the MIC is controlled based on the setting in the back office under "Member Login Options and Settings"
  • Resources – When documents are restricted to a group but belong to a category, that category is hidden if it only contains restricted documents