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Software Update June 2019

June 21, 2019
In this release, we have continued to round out our Version 4 Public Modules Pages with a new look to the Login Page, Communication Page, and the Map. We’ve also implemented a few enhancements to both Events and Reports. Check out all of the details on these items and more, below.

Updated Look for the Login and Communication Pages 

For those of you that have already switched to our Public Modules Version 4, with our June Release, you will see that your Login, Communication, and Map Pages now have a fresh new look (see screenshot to the right). This helps round out our continued efforts to bring a fresh, modern look to your public website pages. Haven't switched to Version 4 yet? Read more below.

This past January, we unveiled a new look for the Directory, Events, Jobs, Deals, and Blog public pages. See those release notes». Then in April, we continued those efforts with updating the Membership Application as well as Groups. See those release notes». We are continuing to improve and enhance Version 4, so be sure to see some of the additional updates we've made in the notes below.

Still looking to make the switch to Version 4? For detailed instructions and FAQs, view more details». If you are questioning which version you are currently on, go to your Website Integration Instructions, found on your Dashboard (see where this is»). 

Already using Public Modules Version 4? No action is needed. Your Login, Communication, and Map Pages will automatically receive the refreshed look on Friday June 21.



Event Sharing

On the event registration confirmation page, you'll now see that we have added the option to share, which allows event registrants to save to their calendar, share on Facebook and Twitter, and more! This uses the same consistent sharing capabilities that your members/web visitors are used to. 

UserVoice Item!


Two New Reports Available

Joins/Drops by Membership Fee Item:
Shows a 12-month tally of joins and drops broken out by assigned membership fee item. Tallies are based off of Join and Drop dates. Use this to analyze adds and drops by membership type each month.

Event Registrations by Event Category:
Shows event attendance during a date range by Event Category. Use this to analyze which of your event types are most popular with certain reps, members, or your membership as a whole.

To access either of these reports go to Reports> and search the name.  

Additional Updates:

V4 Public Module Updates
  • Directory: The search box drop-down will now display suggestions that match the key word that you being typing just like v3 public modules did. Make note that if you have a category selected, the results will be trimmed to show only those within your selected category as would be expected. See example»
  • Directory: Clicking Search when filtered to a specific business category will now bring up the banner ad assigned to that category, if available. Previously the banner was only available by clicking the link under Display All Categories. See example»
  • Groups: The group Role now displays on the List or Card view if Group Role is enabled in the public page settings. See example» 

Events I've Attended/Checked-in
This filter in the Member Information Center will now display only those attendees that were marked as actually attended, instead of those that were simply registered for the event. See where». In addition, no longer is it just the primary registrant that can see the event in this list; additional attendees can also see the event in their list too. Not sure how to mark someone as attended? It's very simple with the staff app (See how»), or easy from the back office too (See how»).

Mailchimp synchronization
A deleted or inactivated rep in your database will be removed on the next sync. Similarly, if a rep is removed from a group, they will be removed from that group in MailChimp as well. If a rep’s email address is changed, their email will be updated on the next sync. Previously the Mailchimp synchronization was only able to add new email addresses to Mailchimp.  

Home Builders Edition - New reports
Customers with the Home Builders Edition of MemberZone may now see four additional reports: 1)Builder Members, 2) Associate Members 3) Affiliate Members and a combined version called 4) Builder, Associate and Affiliate Members. You'll find these reports under Reports- Advanced Custom Report Builder- Saved Custom Reports if those reports didn't already exist. The new reports list the members of the specific Builder Membership type(s).

Backup Selection
There is a new Backup/Data Download selection under Setup titled "Backup Communication History (Last 7 days)". GrowthZone does daily backups of all databases but the backup options here are to give a tangible CSV file to staff if needed.

Member Update Report
The Member ID and Rep ID values are now included in the download of the Member Record Update report. 

Credit Card expiration dates
The available years for credit card expiration date has been extended to include dates through 2033 when completing the checkout screen and payment profile screen.

Reminder: Invalid Email Address Cleanup (Continued) 

You may recall, starting in early May we kicked off our Invalid Email Address Cleanup, which provides automatic notification and quarantine of invalid or unknown addresses. Keeping your email addresses up-to-date -- and regularly purging invalid email addresses -- is the simplest, yet effective, way to make sure your emails don't go straight to your members' spam folders.

Because we understand the challenges of keeping a clean list, we are continuing to add more and more customers to the invalid email address cleanup process. 

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Providing new features and more benefits is something that GrowthZone. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required more programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.