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Software Update - June 2014

June 17, 2014
New features and exciting updates available in your software TODAY! 

Watch a recording of the webinar that was presented prior to the official release that demonstrates the highlights of these featuresLock in the visual of what these new features look like and where to find them.  Make sure you have what you need to implement these new features. Alternate recorded version.

Event Guest List  Easier to Manage and Manipulate
The new look of the Guest List is the first thing you'll notice but easier event management is what you will be talking about. Here are few reasons you'll love the new list:
  • Each attendee is now listed separately which makes sorting by attendee name much simpler
  • A Registration ID column has been added to help you group those that registered together on a single registration
  • Invitation emails are now sent without creating registration records to the guest list which makes a cleaner, easier-to-manage guest list
  • Direct access is given to updated name tags, roster and guest list reports (the SmartReport versions)
  • All status options are available in the drop-down filter including "Incomplete' (formerly called "In-process registrations)
  • Newly organized Guest List Summary displays your event counts in a quick glance format in three areas: Invitations, Registrations and Registered Attendee Info.
  • The three most common event actions are front and center: Create Invitations, Add New Registration and View/Edit Attendance List.
The underlying functionality has not changed but now it’s easier to manage your guest list. Check out this video to see some of the highlights.

Coming soon - Updated Event registration - New features - New look!
We've listened to your feedback and your "light bulb" requests and have an all new event registration experience ready to be released in the upcoming days. Here are some of the items you can look forward to:
  • Easily sell a "table of 8" or a "golf foursome" using unique new features:
    • Cap event registration per fee item - Allow only 20 tables of 8 to be sold.
    • Reserve attendees space based on fee item sale - Reserve 8 attendee spots if the table of 8 is sold even if attendee names aren't entered at that time.
  • Cap membership type discounts per member so a member can be limited to a certain number
  • Display custom registration instructions on a per event basis that display at the top of your registration form.
  • Include custom event confirmation message on a per event basis
  • Members can easily bring others along with them to the event using the easy-memory field that displays a list of their co-workers and any others they've registered in the past.
  • Give your event sponsors extra exposure - event registration will display your sponsor logos on the top of the registration screen. If no event sponsors exist, your website banner ad sponsors will automatically get additional exposure there.

Resend/Forward emails
Resend your member instructions another time or forward a carefully worded answer you've already sent to another member. Resend and forward links are now available on most emails. Find the links when viewing the details on the sent email in locations such as the:
  • Communication tab of your members' account
  • Member Contact Report
  • Email Status Summary
Emails sent with mail merge fields may be resent or forwarded; they will properly populate with mail merge data from the new recipients' record.  Attachments will also be resent/forwarded.  Event invitations (sent using the Event Invitation feature), emails sent using the "Send with Outlook" selection and all emails sent prior to the software update are not eligible to be resent/forwarded.   
Easily embed YouTube videos in email

Include a quick YouTube video in your email to demonstrate your newest benefits, share your latest accomplishment or generate excitement for your next event.

Click the new YouTube video button in your email editor. Paste in the YouTube link. 

Recipients will see a snapshot of the video and be brought immediately to the YouTube video when clicking that pic.

See how it's done.   

Keep your documents handy - Store associated event and group files in your database

Event spreadsheets, committee notes and agendas - just a few examples of the files that can now be uploaded in the database and stored securely so that other office staff can view and access these files.

This will provide secure storage, handy recordkeeping and easy access for all staff.

 Easier Password Management for Reps

Send a quick email to help your member reset their password. Access this at the bottom of the Members->Reps tab under Login Permissions. The "Forgot Password" email from the /login page on your website (and also from and has also been updated so that it sends a "password reset" link instead of displaying their current login and password.  These changes align our software with password management best practices that are critical to make your members feel comfortable that their data is safe with you.

In addition, your "Forgot your password" page on your website can be customized with your own follow-up instructions.   Anyone who tries to retrieve their login information unsuccessfully from your /login/forgotpwd page can be given special instruction on how to contact you or maybe you'd like to point them to your membership application form as well.  Enter your custom wording for this under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings on the new Messages tab.
Members Encouraged to Create a Personal Login
The Member Information Center (MIC) includes more personalized options than ever with our newest version 4 (MIC v4). Reps can see and pay their own bills, upload a profile photo, and participate in the community feed.  But to do that, they need their own individual "rep login".

Some members may be using the legacy login option that is referred to as the "member login" (Office staff can see this on the Members->Web tab). If the member uses this login, they would not have access to these personal features. To assist your members in moving to these personalized "rep logins", we're displaying an "Upgrade" message each time your member logs in using a "member login" that encourages them to create their free "rep login" right now.  See what this looks like for your members.

You can't lose - if your rep chooses to upgrade, they create their own account, it automatically gives them the same permissions they've already had as a member, and now they will have a login that is just for them that they will remember, be able to use to make comments/posts in the social feed and personalize their account by adding a profile picture. *The new upgrade message will appear in both MIC v3 and v4 when a "member login" is used as the login name.
Tip: Select the "New Representative Created" email notification for yourself under Setup->Employees/Reps->Additional Settings so you are notified when a rep has created a new record for themselves. The email address listed under Setup->Organization Info will automatically be notified. In addition an email will be sent to the member (General member email) to provide a "check and balance" against someone errantly using the member login to create their own login.
Member Login Area Options and Settings Redesigned and Updated*
More selections under your control, easier to navigate, custom control of member messages and MIC help.  You'll find a new streamlined look under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings that will give more functionality and greater ease of use.  Permissions have their own tab and custom menu selections were broken off onto a separate Menu Items tab.  Customize messages that display to your members on the Messages tab.  And display MIC Help to your members.  New settings control these items on the Settings tab:
  • Enable/Disable Google Translate
  • Enable/Disable Member to Member Reviews
  • Enable/Disable Social Logins
  • Enable/Disable Community Activity Feed
*Some features are available only with Member Information Center v4. See the help information on each selection for the supported MIC version.

Other Updates

Member Information Center v4
  • Promote Your Business widget is fully controlled by you under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings->Messages tab. Enter your desired wording that members will see to encourage them to contact you for information about enhanced listings or banner ads.  This selection appears in two places - on the Home Dashboard and under Company Information under Account Settings.  You can also specify who should receive these leads.
  • Help menu that can be customized by you is available for your members in the MIC 4.
  • Display only members in your MIC Directory instead of both members and rep names. Turn the new setting, "Display Representatives in Search Results", to "No" under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings->Settings tab->Searching.  Rep names and information may still be viewed when accessing the member details page but now the rep names and member names don't have to mingle in the directory.
  • More granular control of what your member representative can view and control when permissions to Hot deals, jobs, Member to Member deals, events, and MarketSpace items are granted. Permissions are selected under Setup->Manage Permission Sets.
    • "Disabled" will turn off the display of that menu selection.
    • "Read Only" will allow them to view all public items from other members but also to view their own items of all status types (expired, pending & approved).
    • "Read/Write" will allow them to create and manage their own items and view all public items.
  • Place members directly onto the MIC page that you desire when they login by appending a new string onto the /login URL. For example, you want to send an email to a member telling them to login and update their website listing.  Include a link to the login page with our new destination string appended /login?dest=webpage. When the member logs in, they will be directed right to the place inside the Member Information Center where they can update their listing. List of destination strings . Watch this video for another use of these strings.  Works with MICv3 or MICv4.
  • All Deals, Member to Member Deals, News, MarketSpace, and Jobs searches inside Member Information Center 4 were updated to consistently allow a keyword search that will search the title as well as the description.
  • Control the look and feel of the Member Information Center v4 by inserting appropriate codes that determine the color, fonts and style displayed for members when logged into the MICv4. Those web designers familiar with the Integration Settings Control Panel will recognize a new tab has been added, "MIC", which allows assignment of custom styles to components within the MIC while retaining a separate "look and feel" for your public modules (which is controlled on the Appearance and the HTML tabs).
  • Members that have a basic listing no longer have ability to upload enhanced listing items such as logo, member photos, video, search results description, bulleted items, and a longer member description which were previously able to be viewed inside the Member Information Center by other members but did not show on the public member directory. Uploading these items without being an enhanced member was intended to encourage basic members to upgrade to the enhanced listing once they saw the upgraded look of their listing. But removing this ability now provides additional value when they do upgrade to enhanced and avoids confusion on where their items will display: Basic members always have a basic listing whether it is in the MIC or public directory. (Applies to MIC v3 and v4)
  • Choose how member and rep email addresses display for other members within the Member Information Center: linked emails, contact through a form, or hide their address.  (Requires MIC v3 or greater)
  • Business Directory QuickLinks may now be used as a search filter in the MIC Directory where members search for other members. Turn on these QuickLinks under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings on the Settings tab.
  • The "Review a member" tab that is available on each members' detail page for rating and making personal comments may be disabled under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings on the Settings tab. (MIC v4 only)
  • Selecting the Members->Reps tab will now immediately select the primary rep without additional clicks. Previously, opening the Reps tab would always select the first rep in the list by default.  But with the recent ability to "login as the rep", which requires you to select your rep first, it made sense to default you to the rep that would most often be impersonated (among other things). We saved you some clicks!
  • "Email Status Summary" download now includes the member contact information and whether they have opted out of bulk email making this report conducive to using as a sales calling list. See who has opened the email, then reach out and and make your next connection. Find this report under Communication->Email Status Summary. Click into View Full Details of any of your emails, then click Download Report. And remember, "Opens" are recorded when the email recipient has images enabled in their email client and cannot be used as a complete indicator of receipt. Others may also have opened the email that are not displayed on this report.
  • "Event Group Attendance" report is available to display registration and actual attendance numbers for a specific group. Assign the group to the event(s) under the Event->Advanced tab under the Group section, then run the report for the desired year. For instance, if your board meetings are in the database listed as an event, make sure your board member group (assuming you've created one - if not, create one now) is assigned to each board meeting event (Event->Advanced tab).  Then when you view this report, you'll see how many board meetings your member attended that year - all on this single report.
  • "All Event Invoices" report is available for those with Integrated Billing to view all transactions related to a particular event. Custom Event Fields from the Events->Advanced tab are included in the report but may be filtered to "None" in cases where you want to see the transactions but have not specified custom fields. 
  • Display member logos on two-column printable directory only if member has an enhanced listing. The Two-column Printable Directory includes a new selection to Display Logo Only for Enhanced Listings.
  • A multi-select feature was added to numerous reports where the report filter contained a drop-down list containing several dozen items. In those cases, you'll now see "Select All / Unselect All"
  • Hit Statistics on the Member Benefit report has been updated to record stats in the correct field starting with this update. Search result hits, which were incorrectly included in the results for "Visits to my Business Category", will now start recording in the "Times Displayed in Search Results".  Find this report on the Members' Stats tab under Other Reports.
  • "Sponsor Ad Views" report in MIC v4 now includes the "Link Out" totals in the table. These numbers were already included in the graphic but were missing from the table.
  • "Event Sign-in Sheet" is a new report in the Reports module in the Events category. Print and take with you to events where attendee signatures are required to verify their attendance.
  • "Staff-Customer Communication Summary" report is now available so you can keep tabs on the number of "touches" your sales reps have during a given time frame. Specify the date range and which staff rep(s) you'd like to view. It displays the quantity of contacts entered for that staff/rep.
Membership Application
  • Integrated Billing: Create billing transactions automatically when a membership application is paid by credit card.  Set the app on Auto-approve and Auto-create invoice/payment or receipt (new checkbox). Make sure all fees on the application are set to "Fee Item", which is defined under Packages and Package Addons in Setup->Define Membership Packages.  The transaction created is dependent on the setting selected during your credit card setup process with the MicroNet support staff who is able to set your default for whether an invoice/payment or receipt is created.
  • Integrated Billing: Invoice line items will automatically populate the invoice when clicking Create Invoice on the Mbr Signups Task List screen. In order to have this happen, make sure that all fees on the application are set to "Fee Item", which is defined under Packages and Package Addons in Setup->Define Membership Packages.
  • Integrated Billing: After clicking into the "Create Invoice" or "Create Receipt" links next to an application on Mbr Signups in the Task List, a 'Invoice was created" or "Receipt was created" message will no longer be added to the Billing Status comments on that application. Instead, check the Members->Account tab to see if the appropriate billing transaction was created. There are multiple locations where appropriate transactions may have been created that this message wasn't a good indicator of whether the appropriate transaction had been created.
  • The membership application may now ask for a Representative name without requiring that they create a Login and Password.  A new field, called Login Name and Password has been added to the Optional Fields tab under Setup->Define Membership Packages which allows control of that field separately from the primary rep field. However, if a Login Name is required to be created, a Primary Rep will also be required that will be associated with that login. 
Integrated Billing
  • Reps will see invoices specifically assigned to them when logged into the Member Information Center, unless they are the Primary or Billing Rep in which case they will see all invoices for the member and their reps.  If invoices are assigned to a specific rep using the new "Bill-to" feature, any rep may now login to the Member Information Center to view and pay their own bills.  No additional permissions need to be granted for reps to see their own bills. The "Pay Bills Online" permission (renamed to "View/Pay All Bills" with this software update) will do what it has always done - give rights to view and pay all bills for the member and their reps. The new permission "View/Pay Own Bills" will give the individual rep rights to see and pay their own bills and will always remain at Read/Write so reps can always pay their bills.
  • A/R Aging Detail and Summary reports now include a breakout for 91-120 days overdue instead of combining all those in the greater than 90 days category. 
  • Notification, Collection and Thank You letter screens will pull up immediately now and not have to wait your list of members to load. We've added a Generate Report button that you press after you've set your desired filters.
  • Deselecting the new checkbox "Allow member to pay this invoice online" will remove that particular invoice from being seen by your member/rep in the Member Information Center.  Find this checkbox when viewing the invoice.   (Requires MIC v3 or greater)
  • Making a refunds back to your credit card processor can all be done right within your software - no need to access your virtual terminal for refunds.  *Only available for those with Authorize.Net (AIM implementation only) See more details  
  • Staff can accept credit card payment in the software when selecting "Credit Card" as the Payment Method. With this release, you can also accept credit card payment when selecting any other Payment Method of your choosing. Under Setup->Payment Methods you'll find a new checkbox next to each payment method where you determine which payment method(s) will display the "Capture Payment" button.  *Only available to those using Authorize.Net, Beanstream, or Paypal Website Payments Pro.
  • Voluntary fees with a $ value may now be excluded from the Journal Entry Export when invoiced and only be included when/if payment comes in for that amount. When payment is made against that Voluntary Fee, then the JEE will include the amount as a cash basis item (meaning it will be credited directly to the income account). To export only when the fee is paid, a setting must be turned on when you are ready. New customers will immediately be placed on this new method of exporting voluntary fees. Contact for more information.
  • $0.00 Voluntary fee amounts and voluntary amounts that members may override may now be created and invoiced.  These $0.00 and override-able amounts are not included in the Journal Entry Export when first invoiced, thus they do not need to be written off in your accounting software later if payment is not made. If payment is made, then a cash basis entry is created for this item when using our new method of exporting voluntary fees (see the above bullet point).  If using the original method of exporting, then an invoice and payment is included in the export report.
  • Once a payment has been refunded, the refund button will no longer be available on that payment which reduces the chances of accidentally refunding the same payment twice.
  • Sort events in your events drop-down list by Start Date - not just by Title - to make the next upcoming event easier to find.
  • Limit promo code and membership type discounts by member on a specific event.
  • Updated logic to properly handle time zone differences that would affect early-bird discount cutoffs.
  • Additional safety is now enabled if you accidentally set your automatic event reminder date to a date that is after the event is over. The reminder is not sent but instead an entry is created in the Setup->System Event Log.
  • Event goals, previously displayed on the Events->General tab, have been moved to the Events->Advanced tab. These goals are then used in the bar chart that appears on the Events->Account tab.
  • Select a time zone for your event on the Events->General tab.  The default will be the time zone setup for your association under Setup->Organization Information.
  • When creating a recurring event, the end date will automatically be set to the same as the start date.  This ensures that your recurrence does not mistakenly spread across multiple days.
Archived eMails
  • Minor tweak: sending an email to archive@ to an address that exists two or more times in your database but only one of them is active, will archive the email under the active member instead of being placed in the Unmatched archive emails. Learn how to archive your emails
Content Approval Email Notification
  • When a deal/job/m2m/MarketSpace item is approved, an automatic email is sent to the member or representative that created the content. Previously the approval email was sent to the primary representative in all cases but now the person creating the content is the recipient. The primary rep will still receive the email if the content is being created by someone logged in with a "member login".
  • Include your event attendees in mass emails. Use the new selections for adding member or rep emails by event.
  • Several locations updated throughout the software so you can successfully use the Tab key to move in logical order from one field to the next - specifically in IE browser.
  • URLs for expired jobs will no longer be accessible for those that click links in emails or find the URL in a search engine.
  • Changing the rep's role from Primary, Billing or Standard (when your rep has been assigned a custom permission set) will prompt if you'd like to use the inherited permission set. If not, the rep will be allowed to keep using the custom permission set. Changing your reps to the inherited permission set is recommended as a general rule, unless there are specific reasons why you've assigned them a custom set.  Custom permission sets are helpful if you have reps that require unique permissions that cannot be handled by the inherited sets of Primary, Billing, or Standard. Otherwise, using the inherited sets will save you time because these sets are automatically selected to match if you change your reps' role.
Marketing Package
  • The code associated with the Priority Placement value was updated to correctly display the public member directory features associated. Values 10-29 will now only equal Basic member features in the public member directory. Values 30 or greater will display Enhanced member features. Before the update, some values in the 10-29 range were errantly allowing some Enhanced features to display publicly.  No change was made to the fact that these values do determine priority placement in the member directory.
  • Enhanced package members may now specify an unlimited number of Keywords that will increase their likelihood of being returned in search results (requires MIC v3 or greater)
  • Maximum banner ad size designation under Setup->General Options and Settings->Sponsorship Ads was cleaned up to display only applicable fields based on your version of public modules. The field for setting the maximum size for "standard" ads no longer appears when V2 or V3 public modules are in use but continues to display for those still on V1 public modules.  V1 public modules may use a unique max size for "premium" banner ads vs. "standard" banner ads.  The "premium" ad displays on the main business directory page and "standard" on all other pages.  V2 and V3 public modules only display "premium" size banner ads on all pages.
  • MarketSpace banner ads will now display as they should on the public MarketSpace module page.
  • "Sponsor Ad Views" report in MIC v4 now includes the "Link Out" totals in the table. These numbers were already included in the graphic but were missing from the table.
Browser favicon
  • An updated favicon or  will now appears in your browser's address bar and next to the ChamberMaster or MemberZone page name respectively in your bookmark list. Browsers with a tabbed document interface will also show this new favicon next to the title on the tab.
Search Engine Optimization
  • Subtle but significant modifications to our SEO v2/v3 public modules continue to improve your search engine optimization: In addition to changes already made earlier this year to strip template page titles of words that hinder SEO, we've also included automatic stripping of page titles that include space between the words "chamber" and "master" and also "member" and "zone".
Shopping Cart
  • The Shopping Cart where final checkout happens when purchases are made has been updated at certain locations in the software in preparation for new features that are planned. Locations where you and your members will experience the new cart are when purchasing items through the Member Information Center v3 and v4 (paying for invoices, purchasing deals, jobs or MarketSpace items) and on the Membership Application when 'Pay by credit card" is selected and MIC v3/4 is being used.  The upcoming event registration will also be using the new shopping cart. A new sequence of Reference IDs will be assigned to the credit card transactions that take place in the new cart.
Credit Card Processors
  • PayPal is now supported and integrates with the database. Contact MicroNet Customer Service to get connected.
QuickBooks Integration
  • If receiving a payment and a reference # is typed in manually, this manually typed reference # will now overwrite the default auto-generated reference # and carry through into the QuickBooks payment.  (Manual reference numbers are often typed in manually when entering payments from the mobile staff app)
  • A fresh, updated look greets you upon login to your software with additional graphics displaying your joins/drops, event registrations and pie chart of your membership. A new widget displays ChamberMaster / MemberZone training and workshop opportunities and special add-on applications.  In addition a focus is on the ability to suggest and vote on new software features.  A new tab dedicated just to that is also available on the Dashboard.
  • Upon login you'll be asked for your email address and to which email lists you'd like to subscribe so that you receive appropriate news and event information from MicroNet based on your interests. Change your interests later under the Customer Service section of the Dashboard - > Your Email and MicroNet Notifications.
  • Nightly sync from ChamberMaster / MemberZone to MyChamberApp will now only push events with visibility of public or featured and will not include member-only events.

Providing new features and more benefits is something that MicroNet, Inc. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required much programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.