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Software Update July 2020

July 17, 2020
This release includes important updates to increase your efficiency. For instance, we've got a new Task list item to notify you of Disputes (GZ Pay only), a new notification email to let you know when someone has switched to monthly billing (GZ Pay only), clarification on your invoice date year, and more control of transaction class assignments.  Read about this and more below.
Disputed Transactions More Visible*

GrowthZone Pay users will now have an on-screen visual indicator of an outstanding dispute that requires a response from you.

The Task List in the left-hand sidebar will now include a new entry called "Disputes" whenever there is a dispute initiated by a consumer who questions the validity of a previous charge.

These will show on the Task List until someone from your staff submits a response. Once you have submitted evidence to support why this charge is legitimate, the dispute will no longer display in the Task List. Please note that you may submit evidence prior up to 4 times prior to the deadline date on the dispute if desired, but this will only show in the Task List if no evidence has been submitted at all. Read wiki info on GZ Pay Disputes.

This will be an additional, more visible, location that supplements the notification that already happens via email to your designated staff billing contact.  Where to setup the automatic email notification. You can also see disputes on the Payment Processing report.

The Task list entry shows for all of your staff members, not just the billing contact. This allows all staff to keep an eye out and relay the message if needed in cases where the staff billing contact might not login regularly.

*Requires GrowthPay with autopay enabled.
Invoice Date Year Displayed Out to 4 Digits, Ensuring Clarity

Entering this new decade of 2020 has brought a new need to ensure there is clarity around the year that is intended.

For example, someone may receive a printed invoice that is due on 10/31/20. If the date is close to the edge of the paper, it might make you wonder if maybe it is supposed to be 10/31/2021 or 2022 but you are unsure because it appears the date may have been accidentally truncated.

We've also heard of those who, unfortunately, have fraudulently added their own additional digits to the year, making it appear that the invoice is due more in the future than originally intended.

To help with these scenarios and in general, to be more clear, the Invoice Date and Invoice Due Date merge fields used on billing templates now automatically output the 4 digit year, instead of just 2 digits. This update applies automatically to all templates that use the Invoice Date and Invoice Due Date merge fields.


Enhancements to the 'Switch to Monthly Payments' feature*

A few months ago, in response to COVID-19 uncertainties, we provided a way for associations to give members a smaller investment opportunity that still maintained their membership. This resulted in a new ability for members to switch on their own to monthly which became available in April (Read April Release Notes) for GrowthZone Pay customers. 

We've now added an email reminder to staff (bullet point 1 below). In addition, we've reiterated best practices that takes into account this new option and any updates that have occurred since that original release.(bullet point 2 below)

  • Staff will now receive an automatic email notification if a member chooses to switch from annual to monthly billing frequency. Email addresses listed under the Payment Processing report in the Features and Settings section and also any email address listed under Setup>Billing Options and Settings in the Credit Cards section with receive an email notification. See example notification.
  • Best practice reminders:
    • GrowthZone Pay Users:
      • Set the Fee Item under Setup to Annual frequency and enter the Annual amount See example.
      • Then select "Allow switch to monthly payments" under Setup>Billing Options and Settings in the Credit Card section.
      • Indicate an annual price on the Membership Package under Setup>Setup Membership Application. See example.
      • Then you do not need to do anything else - the software does the rest for you by offering a switch to monthly payments to the applicant and handles all the adjustments automatically, requiring autopay if monthly is selected.  See full setup details here.
    • Non-GrowthZone Pay customers:
      • Set the Fee item under Setup to the frequency that you'd like to offer.
      • Always enter the Annual price at this spot. See example.
      • On the membership application setup, create a package for each frequency you want to offer and enter the associated price for that frequency and select the associated fee item for that frequency on each membership package. See example.
      • Once the package and frequency are selected by the applicant, the appropriate recurring billing item will automatically be created on the members' account.
Customers not utilizing GZ Pay -
The ability to offer the option to switch to monthly and autopay is only available to those customers with GZ Pay. Contact to learn more about this uniquely integrated payment processor. GZ Pay offers many direct benefits that are not able to be offered through third party payment processors like or PayPal. In addition, ability to take credit card payment with a card reader from the staff app is only possible with GZ Pay.

Want to know more details?  Read all about it in the wiki.
*Requires GrowthPay with autopay enabled.
More Control of Transaction Class Assignment

Transaction Class assignments have been part of ChamberMaster / MemberZone for some time, with an ability to assign a class to an entire invoice batch when you create the batch. See info on transaction classes.

With the new ability to have invoices automatically created without staff intervention via Autopay for GZ Pay customers (see August 2019 Release notes), there was a gap that needed to be filled. How do I assign a transaction class to those on Autopay? This release solves that problem.

With this release, no action is required if you currently use Autopay in order to have a class assignment on these invoices as long as the last class assignment was correct. However, to take full control of what class is assigned, you can now assign a Transaction Class on a specific Fee Item.

The Fee Item Class Assignment will be used first, if available, and if none assigned at the Fee Item level, then it will default to the last class assignment on the last monthly batch that was run.

Manual Monthly Renewal batches will work the same way they have - using the default class assignment to assign to all in the batch, but if you have specifically assigned a class to a Fee item, that will override the default assignment at the batch level.

The end result is more control of the class assignment on your invoices.

Note: Changing a class assignment on a fee item only affects invoices created going forward; it will not affect existing invoices.

Event Confirmation Email Has More Details

With the variety of ways associations are approaching events these days - some remote, some drive-up, or drive-thru, some hybrid, and various other creative approaches, we are doing all we can to make your events as stress-free as possible and support these creative implementations. 

To that end, the registrants' confirmation email will now include the description of any Additional Fee Items, not just the name of the item. The details that are placed in the description can often be the differentiator between similarly-named items. This will ensure the best information is included in the confirmation for the recipient which is sometimes used as a ticket to receive 'goods' that are purchased.

Tip: You'll find all these same details for your staff on the "Additional Fee Items" report. Find a handy link to this report from your event guest list under the reports icon. See where.

Other Updates

  • The Send to Phone option has been removed from the Share bar on the v3 public modules pages (Blog, Events, Hot Deals, Job, MarketSpace and Member details pages). Why? The service behind this feature has changed and has new requirements which would require significant work to keep this feature updated. In these days, with an easy ability to copy and send links to friends via text messaging, it is less common to actually know or lookup the phone number of a friend (which is needed to use the Send to Phone option). So we have decided we will no longer support and display this option.
  • Social Media Services - The available options that you have for the Social Media Services fields (i.e. Instagram, Facebook etc) that your members fill out to advertise their social site to the public are under your control. You can enter new social platforms as they rise in popularity and become important to your members. To edit the list of available Social Network Providers, go under Setup>General Options and Settings and choose ‘edit social network services’ under General Settings section.
  • The MarketSpace Value field is no longer available as a field to complete when entering a new MarketSpace item. View example.
  • Summary totals on the Events>Account tab now will include cancelled registrations in the "Payment Due - Invoice" subtotal amount if the invoice was created but won't include those that were simply queued to be created. In addition, all invoices will show in the Transactions Activity, even if the registration has been cancelled, giving you a full picture of open invoices related to this event.

Providing new features and more benefits is something that GrowthZone is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, please understand that sometimes the updates have required significant programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.