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Software Update January 2019

January 23, 2019
In this release, we’ve launched our v4 Website Modules, giving our customers the ability to apply a fresh new look to their public website pages. We’ve also implemented a few nice enhancements to our GrowthZone Pay feature. Check out more details on these items and much more, below.

Do you want an updated look for your Directory and Event Calendar?

WHAT: We’ve just released our Version 4 website modules. Meaning, we have an improved version of the directory, event listing/calendar, deals, jobs, news releases, and blog module, available.

WHY: In this new version, not only have we given the modules a fresh new look, but we’ve also implemented a handful of new features. Take a peek»
Here are some reasons why you may want to make the switch:
  • Image-centric, modern look that is consistent across all public modules
  • Displays and functions well on mobile devices, both phones and tablets
  • Ultimate flexibility in styling due to generous application of CSS classes to most module elements
  • Applies best practices for great search engines ranking
HOW TO GET IT: Beginning Friday, Jan. 25th, visit your “Website Integration Instructions Page” (find where this is) and follow the Upgrade Instructions and versioning information. This is a free upgrade.  Most customers with v3 public modules implemented now should be able to make the v4 selection and have a new look for their public modules in a matter of minutes. However, in situations where additional web services expertise is required, there may be a cost from us or from your own website service company. Read more details.  

If you have any questions, refer to our Website Module FAQ document or reach out to support.

More Details in Your Deposits 

Deposits now include itemized details, i.e., it displays the line item details in the Deposit for each payment so that you can quickly see what the payment was for. This is especially helpful to know in cases where you are choosing what expense account to debit the processing fee amount to based on what the payment was for.

We've also added a quick way to access previously saved deposits from the Deposit Summary on the Billing > Reports tab.  Just click the deposit Date to pull up the deposit details.


Save time! Reconciliation of your payment transactions with your bank deposit just got easier!

We've automated the task of creating a Deposit for those of our customers using GrowthZone Pay.  No longer do you need to manually find and select your back office payments to create a Deposit. Now, whenever a deposit reaches your bank, our software immediately creates a Deposit for you. 

Automatic deposits include: 

  • All the transactions that match the payments that were actually deposited. 
  • The processing fee associated with that deposit. (It does not include refunds or adjustments in cases where that is applicable, but the link to view the Deposit/Transfers report is right there to bring you to the full Deposit information.) 

View all your deposits by going to Billing, Reports tab. Select Deposit Summary. The automatic deposits will all display the Memo line titled "GrowthZone Pay automatic deposit." Click into the deposit Date to view details of the deposit.

If for any reason you'd rather not have the Deposits automatically created, you can disable this feature by going under Setup > Billing Options and Settings. Remove the check mark from Automatically Create Deposits in the Credit Cards section.

  Hands-free, No extra cost - - Want to automatically charge credit/debit and bank accounts on a specific day of the month?
GrowthZone Pay users will soon have an option to automatically charge recurring epayment fee assignments on a specific day of the month - all without having to log in or even click a button. The option to enable this is ready to use but we need early adopters to provide feedback. Contact to let us know you are interested in getting setup. Requirements are that you are a GrowthZone Pay customer (or willing to switch to it) and that you have (or are willing to get) at least a few of your customers setup with an epayment profile. 

Additional Updates:

  • New for the v4 public website modules! An Event Header Image is now an option to be uploaded on any event but will only be visible if you upgrade to the new v4 public website modules (see Highlighted Feature above). This banner-like image, similar in look to your Facebook Cover Page photo, allows you to load a header image on your event details page, giving your potential registrants the impression that this is a premier event that is worthy of lots of imagery implied by a website page created just for this event. Find this new image upload option in your software under Events > General tab in the Photos & Images section.  Recommended image size: 1200 x 225 pixels.
Image Sizes
  • Locations throughout the back office where images are uploaded now include a minimum suggested image size to help you achieve the best looking public presence for your events and your member detail pages, especially important for customers that will be upgrading to the new image-centric v4 public website modules. 
  • These same locations will no longer display a supposed uploaded image size which wasn't always an accurate representation of the image size that was uploaded
  • Your members will also have this same recommended minimum image size when uploading their images in the Member Information Center, as new image storing technology now allows multiple image sizes to be stored from a larger image.
GrowthZone Pay
  • If you ever need to provide evidence on a disputed charge when using our GrowthZone Pay account, you will now have an on-screen indicator of whether you've already uploaded any of the requested images such the customer receipt, customer signature or customer communication.  We've also given more information about the status of your dispute in the upper left corner of the dispute. See an example.
  • A  new email notification will now be sent automatically to customers who have a GrowthZone Pay account when the Deposit bank account has a change in status - such as when the account is put on hold, if the account is no longer valid, or in any other case where the bank account might not be able to accept deposits. 
Builders Edition Customers
  • To help you trouble-shoot questions on your data, now if you update representative-specific NAHB fields, like Contact Pin #, Subscription ID, or your NAHB Membership Type, you'll be able to see for which member and representative those fields were changed. View updates to these fields and other NAHB Member and Rep fields on the Member Update Report (found by searching for 'update' under Reports in the left-hand menu). When running the report, you can filter to the specific results you need - by member, date range, or to these types of fields by selecting Miscellaneous Changes for the Change Type filter. See report example.
Dashboard Widgets
  • The Dashboard Message Center tab that appears each time you login has been re-arranged a bit. Find the link to "Request or Vote on Features" under the Customer Service section, and the ability to see the latest feature request is now available when browsing the feature requests where you can click New. Last but not least, we wired it up so you have a running feed of the upcoming training and workshops offered on the ChamberMaster / MemberZone software found under Training/Interactive Workshops.
Privacy Policy Acceptance
  • The user experience has been improved when your organization requires acceptance of your organization's privacy policy. 1) When clicking to view the privacy policy from the membership application acceptance statement, the applicant will immediately be brought to the top of the policy and now will be returned back to where they left off in the application after clicking accept. 2) The message "Please scroll down to view the entire policy and then click Accept" appears at the top of the policy. 3)The Accept and Decline buttons have been moved next to each other, making it obvious that you have only two choices. 4) Accepting the policy when logging into the Member Information Center will provide a similar experience. Note: You can enable the Privacy Policy requirement under Setup > General Options & Settings under the Privacy and Security Settings section.
Prospective Sales Pipeline Report
  • Recently added as a new report, the Prospective Sales Pipeline Report always displayed the Sales Rep in the output, but now you can filter by the Sales Rep too. Check out how to properly set up and use this report here

Providing new features and more benefits is something that GrowthZone. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required more programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the oppoftunity to serve you and your members.