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Software Update January 2014

January 17, 2014
2014 is starting off right with more improvements to the software that you rely on. Getting geared up for an event? There are a number of features that will make event management easier; a few tweaks to the membership application, and improved archived email storage. We're excited about the new year.  How about you? 

Gear up for your next event with these new features
Email actual attendees, copy more of an event and other great tweaks

  • Completed event invitations - Event invitations, where registration has been already completed, will redirect to the public registration page when the event is setup for either public or both public and member-only visibility.  If no public registration is available (event is for members only), the message will refer registrants to the organization for further membership information.
  • Email actual attendees - Send an email to those that actually attended your event. Use the view/edit actual attendees list link to check  off who actually attended.  Then click Send email to actual attendees to send a thank you note or any message of your choosing.
  • Copy more of an event - When copying a past event, the fee items, category assignments, images, and discounts will be included in the copy.
  • Pick your authentication method for registration - New event registration options divides the current options into separate selections.  For the easiest event registration for all members where they only need to specify their email address, set your authentication option on Email Address Only. Find all the options under Setup->Events Options and Settings->Registration and Billing Preferences.


Other Updates
Membership Application

  • Membership applications completed online may now be set to automatically approve, removing a step from your process. If the new "Auto-approve applications paid by Credit Card" is selected, when the applicant pays by credit card, their application will immediately be moved to "Approved" status which also changes their status from Prospective to Active without your intervention.  This auto-approve setting also means that the application will display as Approved in the Application History and won't appear in your Mbr Signups Task List or Pending Applications. This new selection, found under Setup->Define Membership Packages, is only available with Member Information Center v 3.0 or greater.
  • When online membership applicants pay by credit card, they will be seeing the checkout screen that corresponds to the Member Information Center version that the organization has selected. Previously, the checkout screen always displayed the checkout screen for Member Information Center 1.0 even if the organization had MIC 3 or MIC 4 selected.
Logins to Member Information Center
  • Ability to login to the Member Information Center is now determined only on permissions assigned and not by the Business Directory Control Panel Search Results Status Filter setting.  Prior to this update, only those members that were also displayed in the public member directory were eligible for login to the Member Information Center. Now if "Allow Login to the Member Information Center" checkbox is selected on the Reps Login Permissions then a rep will have access using the permissions assigned to them. For member logins, it is the "Enable Login" on the Web tab. Of course, inactive members and reps will not be allowed access regardless of this checkbox.  This changes means that prospects, non-members, and courtesy members could have access to the MIC at your discretion without a requirement that they also display in the public member listing.
  • Archived emails: Archived emails will now match up with the appropriate member in cases where there are two reps with an identical email address that belong to the same member. In cases where two reps with identical email address belong to two different members, the archived email will still go to the unmatched archive email list.
Member Information Center v 3.0
  • Reps may display their contact info for other members but not for the public (or vice versa or both) using the new Member Web Display Options under My Personal Info in the Member Information Center.
Organization Logo
  • When uploading your organization logo under Setup->Organization Information, you will be asked to crop the image so that it will be appropriately sized for locations throughout the software that display this logo. Existing logos uploaded in this area will remain at the size originally uploaded.
Credit Card Listing Report
  • A new column appears on the Credit Card Listing report, titled Billing Txn,that will display the associated payment or receipt that matches the credit card transaction. With Integrated Billing, this column will allow you to click in and view details on the transaction which will show what if any invoices the payment is applied to.
  • Recognized Income: Those that recognize income on a deferred basis will now have an option to defer income on any invoice line item. A new checkbox appears on invoices that allows you to specify the number of months that the income should be recognized over. Recognition of this income would begin on the Invoice date and be displayed on recognition reports such as Recognized Income Detail and Recognized Income Summary in the Billing, Reports tab. This report also could report the deferred income based on Due Date as well.  Previously, recognized income was only possible with membership fees and due items. This new selection makes it possible to recognize deferred income for any invoiced item.
  • Associate with event button, now found on all invoices, allows any invoice to be associated with a particular event.  With an invoice tied to an event, a few select reports in the Reports module may include these amounts in the future. At this time, no reports or other selections in the Billing module will display the invoice amounts by associating an event to an invoice.  Amounts on the Dashboard Finance tab or the Account tab on the event are not affected at this time either. This new button is created to assist with a few specific upcoming reports but may also be used in future development to integrate with the Billing module.
  • Break event link button will appear on invoices that were created in an event batch or any additional invoice that you manually associated with an event using Associate with event button. Breaking an event link is not recommended unless there is an event incorrectly associated with an event.  Invoices created in an event batch will typically never need the link broken. This button will be used more often after someone manually associates an invoice with an event and then changes their mind.
  • The field where attendee limit is entered (Limit attendee Count) is now also displayed on the Events->General tab in addition to the Guest List tab in preparation for some modifications being made to the Guest List tab.
  • Event Activity Summary report will now include the Actual Sales column in the download file.
  • Rep Permissions reports received a number of updates including an ability to include inactive reps if desired and new columns that display the rep login and password to assist in troubleshooting.
News Releases
  • News Releases that are associated with a member will now show on the Member Information Page in the public online member directory.
Search Engine Optimization
  • Two small but significant changes were made in the title tag of the public module pages that are bound to improve search engine rankings for both you and your member. Read more here.
MyChamberApp optional fee
  • Members that are automatically billed using ACH (automatic bank draft) will no longer be billed the optional MyChamberApp fee.  This applies to customers that have opted into the MyChamberApp promotion.

Providing new features and more benefits is something that MicroNet, Inc. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required much programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.