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Software Update February 2014

February 21, 2014


  1. Google style "Search Help"
    Quickly find the help documents you are looking for using our new easy to access "Search Help". Recommended results based on your input are presented at the top of the results

  2. Member to Rep Transition
  3. Membership Application
    • We now have the option to auto approve membership applications submitted online
      (Applies to Member Information Center v3 or greater)  
    • When credit card is selected as the payment method
      • No access is given to the Member Information Center (MIC) nor do any MIC menus appear until payment is successfully completed.
      • Upon successful completion of credit card payment, then MIC menus will appear.
      • Permissions created are either
        1. Primary permissions (if primary rep info was completed on application)
        2. Member permissions will apply to the session if auto-approve application is enabled or
        3. Prospect permissions will be applied to the session if auto-approve is not enabled.
    • Fees and dues (marked as recurring under Setup->Fee Items List) are assigned automatically to Members->Account->Membership Fees & Dues.
  4. Events
    • You can now designate a fee as a sponsor fee under the Events module and make it available for sale on your website. Previously you had to sell the sponsorship and then add the member that purchased it to the Sponsor's tab separately.
    • When adding a sponsor we now automatically pull in a sponsor image or member image from past events or the member record. This is really handy for repeat sponsors where you previously had to load the sponsor image every event  
  5. Billing
  6. Member Information Center 4 (BETA USERS ONLY)
    • Switching to MIC v4.0 from a prior version
      • Watch the video above for instructions on upgrading to version 4.0. Please note that 4.0 is still in BETA so there may be some changes in the next month if you plan on making training videos.
      • Also, note that these release notes only cover the most recent changes to MIC 4.0 so if you are switching now we do not have videos or help on all of the features yet
    • Custom Links and Resources  
      • You can now create custom menus on the home screen that will guide your members to important areas of the Member Information Center, your website or partner websites.
      • In addition to adding custom web links to the resources area, you can now upload Word Docs, PDFs, PowerPoints, Video and more into our advanced Resources module. One of the most powerful features of this area is that you can restrict access to these resources by groups you create such as Board Minutes, Committee Reports, and more.
    • There are (3) very powerful Directory features:  
      • vCard
        Download both member or representative contact information and photos from the Directory straight into Outlook, Gmail or iContacts
      • Favorite
        Your members have the ability to "Favorite" both members and reps for quick access later
      • Rating and Review
        An internal only Review feature allows your members to rate each other using a 1-5 star rating system with text description
    • Additional display options for representative data such as cell phone, email, fax, etc. Now you can choose what information to display on both the public website of your association or within the new Member Information Center
      • More options are available to control what representative information is displayed to members or the public. Cell Phone and Social Network fields can now be selected to display/not display for members and/or the public. Current defaults on (Member Information Center v3 or v4 and with public modules v3 only)  
    • Responsive Layout
      With this latest release your members can now access the MIC from their mobile devices (tablet and phone) making it easy to get the information they need about your organization like event reminders, contacts, and billing information
  7. Mail Chimp Integration (BETA RELEASE)
    • More than 5 million people use MailChimp to design and send email marketing campaigns. Use mobile signup forms to collect new subscribers at trade shows, conferences, and parties. Available for those with Plus edition or greater. Find the setup option under Communication->MailChimp Setup [BETA].

  • Billing
    • Recognized items are now grouping correctly when viewing the Recognized Income Report Detail by Due Date.
    • Bundled fee items used in Sales Receipt will now properly display and export in the Journal Entry Export.
    • Optimized Recognized Income Detail report to run much quicker.
  • Events
    • Add an event mini-calendar to your website that is limited to a particular category.
    • Date change to an event will now automatically update the featured event expiration date, if applicable, in both single and recurring events.
    • Fixed issue of field length mismatch that in specific edge cases allowed event registration without completing the payment screen
  • Public Business Directory
    • Cache parameters have been changed to allow changes and updates to categories made under Setup->Define Business Categories to reflect in the online public directory after about 15 minutes instead of 3 hours
  • Online Member Application
    • Credit card payment option on the application will display text "Charge my credit or debit card" instead of "Charge my credit card".
    • If custom fields are displayed on your membership application from the Members->General tab and changes are made to the custom field name, those changes will now automatically update the membership application.
  • Hot Deal Settings
    • Tweaked wording to better describe the action performed by these selections under Setup->Hot Deal Settings
  • Editor
    • Updated version of the editor used throughout the software that includes fixes and better support for Internet Explorer 10/11
  • Forgot Password Screen
    • Minor tweak to the "Forgot Password" screen that will display the "Information sent successfully" message in a brighter, more outstanding color
  • SmartMobile
    • Miscellaneous fix for users that were not be able to delete SmartMobile menu items caused by a BASE tag URL for the association's ANAME context that was different from that of their current domain.