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Software Update December 2014

December 12, 2014
New features and updates to existing items were automatically applied to your software Friday, December 12.
Watch a recorded webinar describing the features in this update.
Profile Percentage Calculation

The Profile completion percentage will now compute based only on the features available to the member that is logged in. (both MIC v3/v4)

With this percentage updated to accurately reflect each members' potential, the member should be more likely to complete their profile, attaining the previously elusively 100%. See the point values given to each item

Updated handling of "Unsubscribe" in email footer

  • The "unsubscribe" option, available in the email footer of all mass/group emails, was updated to
    • make it easier for email recipients to understand their selections
    • reduce accidental and unnecessary "unsubscribe all" selections, and
    • put better control of email management in the hands of office staff.

  • If they choose to unsubscribe from a group, they still remain a member of the group but would be excluded when an email is sent to that group.
  • View and manage any un-subscribes under Communication->Manage Unsubscribed Emails.
  • Options for how and what groups display on this page are set for you already based on settings you have in place.  View existing settings or set new options on Groups->General tab.

View sample member email subscription pageView sample prospective, non-member email subscription page.

Gift Cards program - Simple and Streamlined
  • Those that have opted into the Gift Cards program already will notice a few simplifications to the process......
  • Members will now have ability to opt-in to the program individually through the Member Information Center or through an individualized custom link in an email sent automatically by the program.
  • Note: the program is only available to those within the United States.

  • The options on the Home tab in the Groups module has been reorganized, reworded and grouped for better understanding. Additional help icons were added where missing. 
Member Information Center
  • Custom drop-down fields that are marked to display as a search filter for the Member Directory search will now display in the order determined by the staff. Set the order when editing the custom member fields under Members->General tab under the Custom Fields section. Fields marked with MIC Search will display in the MIC under the Directory. If the item is a drop-down list, then the list can be re-ordered using drag and drop. This order determines the order displayed in the MIC as well. (MIC version 4 only)
  • Associations have been on Member Information Center (MIC) v1 that have not had a member/rep login to their MIC in the past six months have automatically been upgraded to MIC v4. Other associations that remain on MIC v1 should consider moving to MIC v4 as MIC v1 will be retired by July 1, 2015.  See more about the free upgrade to Member Information Center v4.
Checkout cart 
  • The payment confirmation email was updated with a phrase at the bottom of the email to say that the email was automatically generated. In addition, association contact information is displayed that comes from Setup->Organization Information. It includes association name, address, phone, email and website address.
  • When staff receive a payment with credit card in the back office, the Capture Payment selection will properly populate the Company Name field with the Company Name info. This takes affect for transactions of members that have not had a transaction go through the cart yet. If a transaction has been processed for a member already and the Company Name is incorrectly populating the First Name field, just make sure the right data is in the right fields as you process it this time and then process the card; next time it will be correct.
Automatic Credit Card/ACH Billing with Authorize.Net
  • The automatic payment failure email was updated with a phrase at the bottom of the email to say that the email was automatically generated. In addition, association contact information is displayed that comes from Setup->Organization Information. It includes association name, address, phone, email and website address.
  • A report is available to display the automatic epayment charges, their Batch ID, Profile ID, Invoice ID, Member, Company Name, Rep, date charged, and their return status of processed or failed with any failed message if applicable.  The report can be filtered by batch, transaction date, and by success/failure.
  • Using the new shopping cart, there is now additional information being passed to Authorize.Net when staff capture a payment and apply it to an invoice. Additional information includes: Invoice #, Customer (company) Name, first Fee Item Name and Fee Item Description.
Integrated Billing
  • A new report on Billing->Reports tab in the Executive section, "Deleted Transactions", will display a list of any billing transaction that were deleted during the specified date range. Available only to staff with Administrator permissions.
  • Adding and editing event custom fields has been moved to the Events->Advanced tab where additional advanced features are located.
  • The Events Custom Fields section on the Events->Advanced tab has been renamed to Event Notes and Other Info which better reflects how those fields might be used and to distinguish those fields from the Event Registration Custom Fields that have been moved to that tab. Event Notes and Other Info allows staff to create custom fields that will appear the same on each event creating a standardized set of fields for recording event notes and feedback from the event. No additional reporting is available for these fields at this time.
  • Public Events calendar: When viewing the full event calendar, days prior and days after the selected month will now show without a date and grayed out, leading the viewer to understand that events on those days are not visible and they should select the next/previous month.
LiveEdit Aurora
  • The LiveEdit toolbar button can now be used as easy access to login to your website if you use LiveEdit Aurora. Configure this button under Setup->General Options and Settings under the Add-on Manager section. Select Use default Aurora link. Your toolbar button will now open to the Aurora login screen. Enter your own URL in the selection for "Use custom link" if your Aurora site is not located on the default location. The custom selection will append /login on the end of the custom URL specified. 
Member Password Reset
  • Minor tweaks to password retrieval logic to better handle those that need to have their password reset.
Miscellaneous Updates
  • For those grandfathered into the Lodging module using the /list/searchbyroomavailability link on their website, you will see a new link at the top list of lodging members, the "View Vacancy Details" link, which will display the lodging members along with their amenities in a matrix for easy spotting of a member that meets your criteria.
Updates to Bulk Event Registration feature
  • Released November 2014, bulk event registration is targeted to those that want to quickly register an attendee, group, or previous event attendees to one or more events, bypassing the custom fields and fee assignment.  This software update includes improved data validation and additional warning messages.
  • Staff person performing bulk registration will receive an email if the bulk registrations were not successful due to maximum attendee count limits etc
  • Recurring events will be listed in order by date, most current dates first

New feature available in beta Event Registration
Custom fields during registration based on their fee selection

Do you need to assign a booth # to those that select to be a sponsor during registration? If someone selects the Gold Member registration item, would you like to ask them their t-shirt size?

Now these questions can display based on the fee that is selected by the registrant.  Create standard event custom fields (Events->Advanced tab) and then when assigning the fee item (Events->Fees tab), select to tie the fee to a particular custom field (see figure).  It will only be asked of the attendee if they select that fee item.

Create and assign multiple custom fields to a single fee item*.  For instance, the sponsor fee might reveal the booth selection field but also ask if they need electricity, color of table cloth or what other needs they have.  

If setting up a drop-down custom field, you'll have a new option of "Limited Quantity". If selected, each drop-down item will also ask for a quantity available. Once that quantity has been "used up" (included on a registration), it will no longer be available in the drop-down list.  One common example of a limited quantity scenario is when you are allowing sponsors to pick booth numbers or types (see figure). 

Not only could this custom field for booth selection be assigned to the Gold Sponsor fee, it could also be assigned to the Silver Sponsor fee making it so two different sponsors fees will pull up the same list. That way you are managing the same list of booths but allowing both the Gold and Silver sponsor to pick from that list.

*Custom fields may only be assigned to the base registration fee and not to additional fees.

Note: Many selections under the Advanced Options (figure above), including the ability to "Display custom fields when fee is selected", are available only when you have enabled the beta version of the new event registration.  Turn on the beta version of event registration when you are ready. 

Full documentation, videos, and additional tweaks will be made in the next few weeks and then this updated event registration will be activated for all users and announced at an upcoming release. Available now if you'd like a preview or want to put these features into use already now. 
The expected release date for this event registration is January 2015.
Here are updates made to the beta event registration since our last software update.   

Updates to Beta Event Registration and new Event Guest List
  • Clicking "Register" from the "Manage List" link in the Invitations section of the Guest List tab, will now auto-populate the invited guest's name.
  • When staff complete an "in-process" registration on behalf of that registrant, it will now bring that registration of the "in-process" status and replace with the newly updated status.
  • The warning message when attempting to delete attendees that are associated with billing transactions has been updated to give more specific information and instructions.
  • The three sections (Invitations, Registrations, Registered Attendee Info) on the Guest List tab have been modified so differences in screen sizes will not negatively affect how they look.
  • When on Guest List and if you move to another module and come back to the Guest List, the last event you were viewing will pull up each time you return.
  • The Guest List will now display a different color "Attendee" icon when attendees are only linked to a member record vs. those that are not linked at all.  The two variances in yellow color indicate the degree of warning. The dark yellow icon  indicates those that are not associated at all; these attendees should always be given attention and associated to a record.  The lighter yellow  is acceptable if the attendee does not and should not have a rep record in the database - cases where you don't need to track individual stats or don't ever believe this attendee will register again. Ideally all attendees should be linked to a representative , but at least if an attendee is linked to a member , stats and billing reports will properly display in your database..
  • Sales receipts and invoices will now properly account for rounding issues when discounts were applied to multiple Additional Fees.
  • The selection "Display this fee item on the public event registration page." has been moved out from under the Advanced Options section in the dialog box displayed when assigning a fee to an event on the Fees tab.
  • Auto-complete suggestions are also being recommended for staff in the Last Name field (in addition to First Name and Company field) when registering an attendee.
  • When staff select to associate a member or rep with an event attendee, the existing member/rep name will automatically be searched and if available, displayed as the default choice for associating. If no match is found, staff will have the option to broaden the search.
  • Custom date fields provides a date picker calendar for easy entry.
  • Custom date and number fields will display the data type (number, date) in small letters above the field so it is obvious what type of data is expected.