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Software Update August 2020

August 19, 2020
Features in this release are focused on increasing your digital membership sales by simplifying the look and providing more clarity. In addition, making your virtual presence more appealing continues to be a priority with more updates to the drag and drop Email Designer. Check out the details of these items and more below.

Email Designer - Send Later Option and Easier Access

The Email Designer, a drag and drop email creation and sending tool, received two great improvements at this release.

Easier Access:
It is now easier to get to. Simply click "Create Email Designer Email" under Communication. You'll immediately be brought to the Email Designer where you can create your email templates or pick up where you left off on a previous email or newsletter.

Schedule out Emails:
In addition, you can now send your Email Designer email at a scheduled date and time by clicking "Send Later", allowing you to get it ready today but send in the future!* 

Not familiar with Email Designer? 
Watch this video to see it in action» You can also see our recent release notes on all of the benefits of using this integrated email designer. Take it for a test drive today under Communication>Create Email Designer Email. Read more about this in the wiki.

Wondering how to get this new tool? Contact for details on adding the Email Designer to your software package. 
* Note: If your email contains info that was populated using the custom tools (i.e. New Members, Upcoming Events etc.) this information will not be updated with new information after clicking 'Send Later". Only the info that is included when you clicked Send Later will be included when the email is sent. 


Simpler pricing = More digital sales

In line with pricing strategies that tell us that simple prices will make it easier for your members to compare packages and purchase more, you'll find the online membership application now shows your pricing in whole dollar amounts and excludes the pennies when zero.

Looking at a membership that displays a $50 price vs the same membership displayed at $50.00 is simpler and easier to digest. In this day when your digital presence is sometimes the only representative your organization has, the smallest things can make a difference.

Note: Event registration pricing already allows you to enter your own 'text-based' pricing so you can already advertise your tickets at Only $17 and not $17.00. 

Thank you to Kyle Sexton for the inspiration on this feature. For more assistance and ideas for marketing and business strategies, check out Marketing Strategist Kyle Sexton at his website


Additional Clarity and Organization on your Membership Application

Asking for custom information on your membership application has always been available, but now you can insert your own section headers within these custom fields to help organize and clarify the questions you ask.

The Section Headings that have already been available to organize your member custom fields in the back office screens are now available in the membership application setup area as well.

Go to Setup>Define Membership Application to the Custom Fields tab. You'll see your existing Section headers with a selection of "Hidden" in place. Change the choice to "Visible" and then you'll see it online on 'Step 2 - Additional Info' of your public application.

Tip! Arrange your custom fields using the drag and drop options under Members>General tab when under Edit Custom Fields. Then when you go to the Membership Application setup area, click Save as your very first action. The fields will immediately display in the same order that you just arranged them on the General tab, allowing you to easily enter the required sequential ordering numbers for display on the public website. 

GrowthZone Pay (GZ Pay / Stripe updates)

Due to new, updated requirements from Stripe, you may see a red message on your Dashboard when you login to your ChamberMaster / MemberZone.

If so, it means your account has been identified as one that needs information verified or more info added to your GZ Pay setup to ensure your account remains active and enabled. Action must be taken before September 30. You'll be able to click a link and follow on-screen prompts to confirm and update your setup information. 

Optionally, you may access the GZ Pay setup screen under Setup>Billing Options & Settings by clicking Account Setup in the Credit Cards section.

Note: Only staff members with Admin access will be able to open the Stripe account link. Finance and Standard users are not able to and will receive an informational message to that effect.

Other Notable Updates
  • Refunding Sales Receipts - Staff using the Refund Payment selection on Sales Receipts paid by credit card will now be prompted to create the appropriate off-setting accounting transaction immediately after the refund has been completed. Accepting the default selections will automatically create a 'negative sales receipt' that will reverse the original payment and be included in your transaction exports. This is already happening with paid invoices but now sales receipts will do the same thing.
  • Custom Reporting on Job Postings - Making your own custom report about your members' job postings is now possible. We've added a new section in the Advanced Custom Report Builder that allows you to report on any of the fields that are part of any job posting. See where.
  • Event Reminder Email Has Additional Important Details - With a common need to include important virtual meeting information in emails to your event attendees, we've now included your confirmation message automatically in the event reminder email. Whatever message you enter under the Events>Advanced tab in the Confirmation section is included in the email that gets sent in the reminder. Confirmation messages are a common place to enter the sign-in information for virtual meetings or URLs where registrants can access important login and resource links. Setup your automatic reminder on the Events>General tab. See how to enable the automatic reminder.
  • Email Improvements- Emails sent from ChamberMaster / MemberZone now support 1-click unsubscribe header specifications, keeping our emails up-to-date with requirements that continue to keep our email sender rating high.
  • Invalid Email Report - If your invalid email has characters like < > in it, the Change button on the Invalid Email Report will now work as expected, allowing you to update and change the email address to the desired email.

Providing new features and more benefits is something that GrowthZone is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, please understand that sometimes the updates have required significant programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.