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Software Update August 2019

August 23, 2019
In this release, we implemented features that will streamline several of your day-to-day processes. A few of the features included are: auto-pay options are now available when checking out; there's an updated look to event confirmation communications; there's now an option for members to print invoices from the MIC; and more! Check out all of the details on these items below.

AutoPay Signup Available when Checking Out

To help associations reduce the friction their annual renewals can cause, we have now made it easier for members to opt-in to automatic recurring payments. If you are currently utilizing GrowthZone Pay and have auto-charged enabled, members will have the option to opt-in to automatic recurring payments from the Membership Application, as well as paying for an existing recurring payment (such as a renewal). See screenshot to the right.

By selecting the option to AutoPay, members will also be given a confirmation screen before final check out. This allows them to see the dollar amount and date information of their next payment that will automatically occur. See a screenshot of what this looks like. Staff will receive an email notification when a sign-up takes place but no further action is required.*

Note: This feature requires you to utilize GrowthZone Pay. If you don't already have GrowthZone Pay, here are the benefits of switching to it

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* The staff email address that is listed under Setup in the Credit Card section of the Billing Options and Settings will receive email notification.

Updated Look to Event Registration Confirmation Communications

The event registration confirmation emails now have a fresh new look (see example image to the right). These emails that members receive will now have a helpful table format at the top giving registrants the pertinent information they need, right away. The email also provides a more prominent look to the individual tickets.

In addition to the new look, if you have enabled a QR code to be displayed (see where to do this) in the confirmation email, those newly defined individual tickets will also have "Print at Home Ticket or Present on Mobile Device" written on it. See what this looks like.



Members Can Print Invoices From the MIC 

We have added the ability for members to print invoices directly from the MIC (Member Information Center). This new action link will save staff time from having to send/print them for members upon request.

The invoice template that is used when printing from the MIC is the default template that staff members have selected. You can choose one default template overall. See where this setting is.

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Easily Send an Anniversary Email to Celebrate a Member

Now you can easily send communication to your members by Join Date (See where) and then use the new Happy Anniversary Email Template (See where) as a starting point to thank your members for their loyalty. If you've never used email templates before, read more about that in the support wiki.

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Misc v4 Event Calendar Updates
An update to the v4 Event Calendar provides clarity to these areas:
  • Event calendar search results now scroll infinitely making it easier on mobile devices to see the complete search results.
  • The Date Options drop-down will now return results that better match what the drop-down says – This Month, Next Month only returns results dated this month or next and not 30-60 days ahead. And now "This Week"  = Sunday – Saturday and not just 7 days ahead. See where.
  • The Category drop-down will retain the full category list after selecting a category so you can switch to another category easily.
  • TIP! Make sure you've enabled your free update to the new website modules to experience this refreshed, modern new look for events, directory, and your other website modules. See FAQs on v4 website modules.

More Fields in the Event Sponsor Download
Event Sponsor CSV download (Events-Sponsors tab, Download Listing in the drop-down) now includes Event Registration Custom fields and the RegID for easier matching with the registration details and to provide more complete information.

Revenue Recognition by Payment Date Report
With a new, updated version available now for several months, the "Revenue Recognition by Payment Date (Original version)" is no longer available. Please continue to use the "Revenue Recognition by Payment Date (New and Improved!)." The new version has support for the following:
  • The payment can be recognized starting on Invoice Date or Invoice Due Date (Choose Recognition Date Option in report filters)
  • Prepaid items (Deferred revenue) are now included in the report as amounts remaining to be recognized
  • Multiple payments applied to the same invoice are now properly reported without duplication of totals * Report queries were re-written from the ground up to provide faster output that should provide faster load times
  • Single Month Recognitions are available to be displayed if desired

Coming in Early September! Receive payments by chip-embedded credit cards (GooglePay / ApplePay to come soon after)
There will be an update to the staff app for both iOS and Android that will allow event and point-of-sale payments by EMV credit cards with chip. Payment by GooglePay and ApplePay will also be included but will come at a future update. Watch for the next update to the staff app and for a Dashboard notice when this is officially available. GrowthZone Pay and the Premium version of the staff app are required to receive payments.Receiving these new payment types will work on any blue-tooth enabled mobile device but will require this card reader: ID Tech Products blue-tooth reader, VP3300 BT Model #IDMR-BT93133A