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Software Update April 2019

April 19, 2019
In this release, we’ve continued to improve our v4 Public Modules Pages with a new look to the Membership Application and other modules. We’ve also implemented a few enhancements to both Billing and Events that will help make your day-to-day processes easier! Check out more details on these items and much more, below.

Updated Membership Application Look (and Continued Public Module Page Improvements)

For those of you that have already switched to our Public Modules Version 4, with our April Release, you’ll now see that your Membership Application has a fresh new look (see screenshot to the right). You may recall, that our January 2019 release, unveiled a fresh new look to the Directory, Events, Jobs, Deals, and Blog public pages. See those release notes.
What’s New with the Membership Application?:

  • User-friendly, modern, and easy-to-read format
  • Completion indicator on-screen allows applicant to visualize the finish line
  • Placeholder text hints at the input required
View a PDF with all of the details including screenshots and items to note.

In addition, the Groups and Contact Us pages (if you utilize those features) will also be updated to a new look as well. View a Group page screenshot   |   View Contact Us page screenshot. With the updated groups, you are able to select Card View or List View as your default view. This can now be done on a per-module basis.

Already using Public Modules Version 4? No action is needed. Your membership application (and Groups and Contacts Us - if applicable) will automatically get a refreshed look on Friday, April 19.

Still looking to make the switch to Version 4? For detailed instructions and FAQs, view more details. If you are questioning which version you are currently on, go to your Website Integration Instructions, found on your Dashboard (see where this is). 


Event Invitations Now Better Support Gmail & Yahoo

The “Add to Calendar” link that is provided in the Event Invitation email will now know if you open the invite in Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. It will open the appropriate calendar invite for the program you are opening it in. Previously it was only working for Outlook type email programs.
Not using Event Invites? You may be missing out! Not only do they allow members to register for events without having to log in, but Staff can also benefit from quick registration and payment from registrants. PLUS, their registration is automatically tied to their member record. For more information on sending event invites, visit our support wiki.  


Newsletter Archives Now Available on Dashboard 

You will now see a “GrowthZone Newsletter Archives” option added to the Customer Service dashboard widget. Clicking that link will now bring you to a list of the past customer newsletters that are emailed out bi-monthly. View the Newsletter Archive


Invalid Email Address Cleanup  

Keeping the email addresses on your lists up-to-date -- and regularly purging invalid or unknown email addresses -- is the simplest, yet effective, way to make sure your emails don't go straight to your members' spam folders.  Because we understand the challenges of keeping a clean list, we are introducing a new benefit to help. In early May, we will be kicking off automatic notification and quarantine of invalid or unknown addresses so that you can worry less and engage with your members more.

Download the Infographic »   Read our FAQs »  

Get All of the Details
in One Spot  »


GrowthZone Pay Users - Automatically charge credit/debit and bank accounts - Hands-Free!

Automatically charge recurring epayment fee assignments on a specific day of the month - all without having to log in or even click a button. 

  • Enable this option called "Allow Automatic ACH/Credit/Debit Card Charges" under Setup - Billing Options & Settings in the Credit Cards section.
  • When enabling, you'll be asked to select the desired day of the month you'd like to have the charges automatically run.
  • Select a default but then feel free to assign a unique day of the month on an individual basis.
No more intervention needed on your part – the charges will occur on that selected day just as if you had manually run the batch yourself.  Read more details>>


NEW! Payments are automatically created for you on Task List, Mbr Payments 

All incoming credit card transactions that appear in the Task List>Mbr Payments will now have a Payment automatically created and associated with the charge.

Your staff only need to click into the new Billing Txn column to apply the payment to the appropriate invoice. If no invoice is created, we've made the Member name so it links to the Members' Account tab so you can easily click into the Member and create the invoice first. Return to Mbr Payments to apply the payment and mark the item as Completed. See detailed screenshot >>.

NEW! Apply Payment action on Task List - Mbr Signups 

With all credit card transactions creating a payment (see item above), you may see a new action on the Mbr Signups called "Apply Payment." This will appear if the applicant submitted credit card payment and your setup did not automatically create a receipt or did not have automatic approval enabled.
  • Also, note that the credit payment amount now shows in the Applicant information so you know how much the invoice should be created for.
  • Best practice is to make sure that all Membership Packages and Package Add-ons have a Fee Item assigned so that an invoice and payment is more easily created. This helps if you've enabled automatic creation or even if you choose to create it manually. View support wiki steps>>

New, Optional Drop-down menu is faster for Large Databases

You can now enable a new drop-down menu specifically created to handle thousands of records in your Members module, 

This new, replacement drop-down has many of the same abilities of the original version but also brings a new type-ahead search result that not only displays results that match the "start of the record" but also displays those that match 'any part of the record name".

Enable this by selecting "Use drop-down lookup list that is optimized for a larger number of records." under Setup>General Options & Settings.


COMING SOON - Improved Look to the MemberPlus App 

For those ChamberMaster/Memberzone customers that have members utilizing the MemberPlus App, on as early as April 24th, you will see a fresh new look to the app's interface. This new look will happen automatically for members in the next app update on their device. See a sneak peek. Be on the look out for an email from us with more details. 

Not already utilizing the MemberPlus App? Provide your members with a FREE mobile app that allows members to:
  • Receive push notifications from your organization
  • Access your Member Information Center (MIC)
  • View member listings
  • Update their own profile information
  • Register, pay and check in for events
  • Interact with other members
  • Post & view jobs, hot deals and member-to-member specials
Your members can download the MemberPlus App, log in using their current credentials, and begin using it immediately. It's FREE to download and available for iOS and Google Play devices. 

Billing Updates:

New Version - Revenue Recognition Report: A new and improved version of the Revenue Recognition by Payment report is now available and should begin to be used consistently for your Revenue Recognition by Payment report if this is needed in your accounting process. We recommend that you begin using the New and Improved version as soon as possible but have left the Original version available so you can compare and slowly move over to the New and Improved version. Why should I use the new and improved version?
  • The payment can be recognized starting on Invoice Date or Invoice Due Date (Choose Recognition Date Option in report filters)
  • Prepaid items (Deferred revenue) are now included in the report as amounts remaining to be recognized
  • Multiple payments applied to the same invoice are now properly reported without duplication of totals
  • Report queries were re-written from the ground up to provide faster output that should provide faster load times
  • Single Month Recognitions are available to be displayed if desired 
New! All Member Transactions report: Display all billing transactions of any or all of your members in a single report. View this under Reports and search for Transactions by Member. 

Deleting Event Fees: No longer can you delete an event fee that is associated with an event which could cause trouble later. Instead, you'll be asked if you want to make the event fee inactive. Doing so will allow any existing events to continue to use the fee if in progress, but will not allow you to assign the fee to new events. Existing events will show to the staff that the fee is inactive, but the registrants (if any registrations are still occuring) will see it as a regular, active fee. When copying an event that has inactive fees, those inactive fees will no longer be brought forward to the new event. See screenshot>>

Inactive Sales Tax Sets show in Red: If you inactivate a sales tax set, so it is unavailable for new invoices, the existing invoices that have used that set in the past will still show the sales tax set but show it as inactive. 

Additional Updates:

Improved Handling of Sort Order for Event Sponsors: Changing the order of your Event sponsors, just got easier. When changing the value of one event sponsor, the other sponsors in your event will automatically reorder themselves according to the change you made. Meaning, you won’t need to manually re-order every sponsor number when a change in display order is required. See a short video of how this works. This also works if you have Sponsor Levels in the mix too. For more information on working with Event Sponsors, visit our support wiki.
Membership Application Choice - Name Change: When looking for the option for configuring your membership application, you'll find it in the Setup area called "Setup Membership Application" now instead of "Define Membership Packages."

Custom Member & Rep Field Changes Tracked: The Member Update Activity report now includes changes that are made to both custom Member and custom Rep fields no matter if a representative or a staff makes the change. Custom rep field changes will also display the name of the rep in the Member Name column to ensure you know which rep it applies to. Both the old value and the new value will display. See example>> 

View Best Practice Suggestions report: Two new entries have been added to indicate whether additional features of the GrowthZone Pay processor are being leveraged. See the new choices>> Both entries require you to have the GrowthZone Pay payment processor. The Point of Sale Items also looks to see if you have created any Point of Sale fee items in your database which would've been used on the staff app in the Point of Sale application. 

Pending Events in Task List: Now the pending events in the Task List will show only upcoming events (events with an End Date of today or greater) that are not yet approved. This keeps your unapproved list down to pertinent events in case old, unapproved events still exist. Most recently the list may have shown items in the New Event Task List, but when clicking in, there wouldn't be any events to view. This has now been corrected; the number on the Task List will match the number of events that still need approval. Click the Refresh button on the Task List if that is not the case and any mismatch on counts should correct itself. 

Email Status Summary report: This report was fixed so that if you are trying to filter the detailed Delivery Statistics results by any of the errors types, it will now give results that match the filter appropriately. 

Default Footer Link Updated: Customers that display the optional module links at the bottom of thier website modules will now display new wording (Join now!) for the link that links to the Membership Application instead of "Join the Chamber." Anyone who had customized the link to their own wording will retain their custom wording. 

Social network logins: Staff that login to the database can choose to tie their Facebook login to their database login, which requires them to only remember their Facebook login in order to access the database. See where. LinkedIn, GooglePlus and Twitter login options are no longer available. Members only have the option to login using the Member Information Center login and are not able to tie a social network login to their MIC login.

Automatic posting to Facebook: Ability to post to your own personal page has been removed as a page that can be selected when setting up your automatic social network posting (Setup>Social Network Publishing). The more common option of your business pages are still available. 

Constant Contact Synchronization: An updated connection (API) to Constant Contact is available and is ready for beta testers. Those setup with a current synchronization do not need to make a change at this time. New customers or a customer wanting to experience the new ability of the new version may wish to click the link to synchronize using the Constant Contact v3 API. New features include overnight synchronization of deleted reps (instead of having to manually sync each group to ensure deleted reps are removed from Constant Contact). 

Multiple Choice option on Form Builder has new neutral selection: If setting up a Multiple Choice field on your form, you'll find a new option in the form drop-down called "Select Option" that displays as the default choice. If you prefer a specific choice as the default, you can still accomplish that by selecting the bullet next to that choice in the setup area. If you choose the radio button style multiple choice, there is a new ability to NOT have a radio button pre-selected already, assuring you that a choice is being picked by the applicant and is not simply a selection by oversight. To do that, make sure no radio buttons are selected. Watch short video explanation>>

Providing new features and more benefits is something that GrowthZone. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required more programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.