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September 2013 Software Update

September 18, 2013
There are several useful features and software refinements in this release. Make sure you take time to view the videos and encourage your staff to watch as well. They quickly explain the how-to’s of creating Rep logins for the Member Information Center and how to merge two member records into one.   Watch a recorded webinar that explains these new features.

Combine members - Merge two records into one
Voted on by you as your most-wanted feature 

Merge two members together, including all billing information (fees, invoices, etc.) as well as communication, reps, business categories, event registrations, keywords, locations, lodging info, change log entries, tracked benefits, and photos. Select the Merge Into.. button on the Members' General tab, select the target member, and then pick which contact information should remain on record. The original record will be deleted and one consolidated record will remain. See how this is done.


Easier Event Registration
New functionality increases member participation

Two simple changes will allow your members to get signed up for events much easier.

  • Members may register for an event simply by entering their email address, making it much simpler to register without having to remember a specific login/password. Sample event registration login screen.  Registration in this manner will be allowed for any member status if the event allows non-member registrations, but limited to active/courtesy members and active reps if it doesn't allow non-members.
  • Members may register for events in the Member Information Center v3 without re-entering their login and password.

Other Updates
Member Management

  • View representative history of which member they have been associated with and the date range that they were active with that member. Find the History link on the Reps tab, next to the Rep is currently active.. checkbox. Sample rep history
  • Available now in every database: A login and password may now be created for each individual representative. Unique permissions may be assigned to each rep based on predefined default permission sets or a combination of permissions created by your staff. Create the login under Members->Reps->Login Permissions. Create and edit the permission sets under Setup->Manage Permission Sets. Note: some customers may have this option already.
  •   Sending out the members' login name and password using the mail merge fields [Login Name] and [Password] will now auto-detect the appropriate login name/password for the recipient of the email.  It will send the representative's login name and password if available and the member's login and password if no rep login/password is available. If you definitely want to send the rep or member login with no auto-detection, please use the mail merge field [Rep Login Name] and [Rep Password] for sending the rep information and [Member Login Name] and [Member Login Password] to send the member information. Newly recommended best practice is to send neither the rep or member login information but instead to send them to the Forgot Login link to have a reminder automatically sent to them. See the "New mail merge fields" feature below under "Communication".


  • New pre-defined communication templates, replacing the original versions, are available under the Templates button in the email editor. All templates, created to assist and engage your members in using the Member Information Center, have updated wording to describe the features available to members and also include a link that directs them to a "forgot login" screen. Previously, templates included a mail merge field that would display the member login and password. Our best practice suggestion, reflected in these new templates, are to direct your members to the location where the login and password retrieval is automatic.
  •  New mail merge fields, in a section titled Our Organization Information, is available when creating an email. Easily add your custom login link to any email by selecting the Login Link mail merge field. Also available is your custom Forgot Password Link.  Additional fields are available that will automatically populate with your Organization name, address, phone, email and website address in order to create templates that automatically update if your organization changed their address under Setup->Organization Information.
Automatic Emails
  • Automatic notifications will be enabled so that your member will now receive an email when your staff approves a deal, job, news release, or event submission. If not desired, you may turn this off under Setup->General Options and Settings->General Settings.
  • Automatic email notification of a deal, job, event, or news release made by a member from the Member Information Center v 3.0 is now available. Select which rep(s) should receive this email under Setup->Employees/Reps->Additional Settings.
  • Automatic email notification of a member referral sent by a member logged into your Member Information Center v 3.0 is now active. All referrals will be sent to your organization email address which is listed under Setup->Organization Information. In addition, selected staff may also receive the email when selecting "Referral of membership prospect suggested by a member" under Setup->Employees/Reps->Additional Settings.
  • When editing billing templates, fields that are not available with a template are now hidden, reducing any confusion on what fields may be used with a particular template.
  • Group Invoices will now identify the particular rep on the invoice and not just the member.
  • The Membership Renewals report can now be filtered to include inactive fees.
  • The Recognized Income Detail and Summary reports have been moved out of beta designation and are ready for customers that need to recognize deferred income on a monthly basis. Assign an Account code to each of your deferred income accounts by editing these accounts under Setup->Chart of Accounts. Then when running the Recognized Income report, you will select the desired Account code which will report on the deferred income for those associated accounts. Default Account codes are MEMBDU and NEWDUE but others may be added if you desire.
  • Multiple groups may now be selected while viewing the groups list throughout the software. For instance, when selecting groups that should receive an email, you may select multiple groups to receive the email without having to re-enter the group selection screen each time. Simply press your Ctrl key while selecting each desired group. Then click the double-arrow and click OK to include all selected groups.
  • The Groups->Roster tab now only displays the Fees column if there are fees assigned to the group. This column is also removed when generating output using the Print List button. 
  •  New fields are available on Events->General tab to identify goals for the event. Fields include Attendance, Total Revenue, Number of Sponsors, Sponsorship Revenue. A graph of your progress is available on Events->Account tab
  • Send invitations to previous event sponsors using the new selection under Guest List->Add New Invitations called Add Sponsors from a past event..
  • For each event, you may now record the number of Professional Development Hours and Continuing Education Units that it is worth, if applicable. Find these fields on Events->General tab. Screen shot
  • Fee items will now display in alphabetical order by Display Name on the Fees tab and during event registration.
  • Credit card payment, when available to your online registrants, will be the new default (instead of Cash) for event registrants during payment selection. This eliminates issues for those who quickly advance through the registration steps and inadvertently skip the credit card screen. The default payment method for your staff on the Guest List was not modified.
  • After clicking Add New Invitations, the next button has been renamed to "Continue" instead of "Send Invitations" to better reflect the next step, which allows you to finalize the invitation before sending.


  • Custom Representative Report now displays the checkbox to "Show field names" when Directory Style report format is selected.
  • Custom Member Report now includes two new field selections under Extended Member Information: "All Representatives Displayed on Web" and "All Representatives Displayed on Web (incl. Job Title)" that will list the names of reps that have "Display on member web page" selected on their Rep tab. The second field will display the same names but will include the rep's Job Title after their name if available.
  • Custom Member Report also includes another new field under Extended Member Information called "Member Logo". This will display the graphic uploaded for each member if available under Members->Web->Web Photos & Images->eBrochure Logo. Use this to identify those members that do not have their logo uploaded.

Member Information Center v 3.0

  • Within the secure pages of the Member Information Center v 3.0 (MIC), other members may now view the enhanced listing of another member which may include photos, logos, and videos. Bulleted items, a search result description and logo are also part of the enhancements that may now be viewed inside the Member Center when using the Member Search selections. These enhanced listing options may not necessarily be viewed by the public depending on the members listing level (basic or enhanced/gold) and options that you as the membership organization have available. Enhanced public listings are available only if you have purchased the Marketing Package add-on or have the Marketing Package as part of your software edition such as Premier or Pro. Without these options to display for the public, the enhanced items will show for other members only.
  • "MarketSpace Views" report may now be hidden from display in the Member Information Center using a new control added under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings and also under the Members->Reps Login Permissions area. You may choose to Enable or Disable this report as needed.
  • Members will have an option to "Make an additional payment" even if there are no outstanding invoices. (Integrated Billing only)
  • Members can now view their previous billing transactions through the new selection, "Account Activity" under the Account menu. (Integrated Billing only)
  •  Members that pay an outstanding invoice may select to include/exclude voluntary fees, if applicable. (integrated Billing only)

Member Application

  • Description field is no longer a required field; title of the membership package can stand alone without a description.

Staff login

  • Staff that login at your /login link on your own website (ex: will now be redirected to (ChamberMaster users) or (MemberZone users) where the login must be entered again. Please use this new URL going forward for all staff logins. Make sure to update any bookmarks as well. Member logins are not affected and should continue to login using your /login link. (only affects v2 and v3 public website module users) Note this change was already in effect earlier in May.
Login screen and Icons updated
  • Updated icons in the Dashboard Message Center sections appear for your staff when logging into the database. The purple screen and screens were also given facelift.
Providing new features and more benefits is something that MicroNet, Inc. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required much programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.