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FAQs on Invalid Email Address Cleanup

April 02, 2019
Q: What do I need to do to get this started on my database?
A: No action is required on your part. The cleanup scanning will begin for some customers during the month of May or in June or July for others. Once started, it will be on-going every night. You'll see your Task List show a value for Invalid Emails after the scanning has found any emails that will be quarantined. Or you can sign up for email notifications of those that are flagged as invalid. 

Q: What is my role in this process? 
A: Understanding that your time is limited we've made it so you are not required to do anything; you can let the process run and allow the quarantine to occur. However, there may be a simple typo in an email address that is causing it to be marked as invalid that may have gone unnoticed. Use the actions provided in the Task List to update these addresses.

Q: What actions are available on addresses that are either quarantined or marked to be quarantined?
A: The same actions are available and work the same whether an address has been quarantined or it is is only marked to be quarantined.
  • Re-Check - Address will be run against the verification tool and if found valid, may be included in future emails.
  • Change -  Enter a corrected email address for the contact; the address may be included in future emails.
  • MarkAsGood - After running Re-Check, if you've personally verified this address as good even though the verification system indicates otherwise, you have the option to mark it as good. Warning! Please do not abuse this selection; we want to protect your email sender reputation.
Q: I see a 4th option called "Quarantine Tonight". What does that do?
A: If you'd like to 'hurry-up" the process of getting an email address into the quarantine, you can select "Quarantine Tonight". This will update the planned quarantine date so this address will be quarantined overnight. This will help those of you who want to keep the Task List at a smaller number.

Q: Where can I see and perform actions on the invalid email addresses?
A: From your Task List or from an Email notification. Your Task List will include a new selection called "Invalid Emails". Clicking into that selection will bring you to the Quarantined Invalid Emails report where you'll have ability to view all email addresses - those marked to be quarantined and those already quarantined.  All actions are available from this report.  In addition, if you are signed up to receive an email notification of those being quarantined, you'll also have the actions (except Quarantine Tonight) available from the email.

Q: How can I opt in/out of the email notification that tells me which addresses have been quarantined?
A: Log in to the database. Go to Setup ->Association Employees/Reps.  Click your name.  Then open Additional Settings and check/uncheck the setting titled "Invalid Email Addresses Have Been Quarantined."

Q: Can I opt-out of this email clean-up process?
A: There is no opt-out option we are making available. With so many flexible options to review, retrieve, and correct erroneous addresses at any time, even after quarantine, we believe this will be a welcomed benefit to all of our customers.

Q: Are the invalid addresses removed from my database?
A: No. When it is determined that an address is invalid, the address is marked 'to be quarantined' in 30 days. After the 30 days, the address will be 'quarantined', meaning it will no longer appear on the member/rep record.  It still can be found on the Quarantined Invalid Email Addresses report where all available actions are still possible, even after quarantine has occurred.

Q: How often does your system scan and quarantine email addresses?
A:  Beginning early May, our customer databases will be added in waves into the nightly scan until all customer databases are being scanned nightly.  New email addresses will be scanned regularly, nightly in most cases.  Initially there may be a larger number returned as invalid due to several months worth of backlog that is being processed.  But after this initial pass, the regular scan will produce results that are the most recent changes/additions to your email address lists

Q: How will I know if an invalid email address has been quarantined or is marked to be quarantined in my database?
A: The Invalid Emails item in your Task List will indicate if an email is marked to be quarantined soon. In addition, an email will be sent to all staff that are signed up to receive email notification.  In addition, a report, Quarantined Invalid Email Addresses, is always available in your database that will show the details of the quarantined addresses.

Q: How can I see which addresses were marked as invalid and quarantined?
A: Click the Invalid Emails item in your Task List.  Or you can always view the Quarantined Invalid Email Addresses report in your database that will show the details of the quarantined addresses.  Click Reports in the left-hand menu. Search for the word ‘quarantined’ in the Report Finder.

Q: What information will I know about the addresses that have been quarantined?
A: The notification email and the report both contain the same information which includes the email address, name of member or rep, their status, the member/rep ID, reason why the address was quarantined, date of planned or actual quarantine.

Q: Will there be an indicator inside the software when an address has been quarantined
A: Yes, in two different places: 1) The Invalid Emails item in the Task List will show the quantity of addresses that will be quarantined soon.  2) A message will appear on the mass email screen.  After selecting an email address on the bulk email screen, if email addresses have been quarantined from your database, you will see an informational message that links to the "Quarantined Email Addresses" report.  Individual email addresses location will not show any special indicator.

Q: What email address locations are being scanned for the invalid addresses?
A: Member and rep email addresses located on the Members->General tab, Reps tab and Web tab and also includes the alternate Billing and General CC email addresses.

Q: Can I exclude inactive/dropped members/reps from being scanned? There are so many of those and I don't expect to ever email them.
A: The system needs to check all email addresses because they can still be included in emails sent but you can modify the report filter so that you only include active members in the results you view. See where. Another thing to remember, after the initial scan, there will likely be significantly fewer inactive members/reps that will be scanned.

Q: What type of addresses are being considered invalid?
A: Addresses where the syntax is incorrect (e.g. multiple @ symbols, extra space, etc.), the domain of the email address doesn't exist, the address of the recipient no longer exists on the receiving server, and when the MX record of the domain itself doesn't exist.  These are all cases where the email would never make it through to anyone.

Q: I see an address in the Invalid Email Removal list that I believe is a valid address. What do I do?
A: Because email validation tools rely on responses received from email servers at the time of the scan, there is a slight chance that a valid address will have appeared to be invalid at the time of the scan. Please locate this email address on the 'Quarantined Email Addresses' report and click Recheck. Follow the prompts as directed. If valid, the email address will be returned to the database.

Q: How does this affect my synchronization to Constant Contact?
A: Good question.  Invalid or previously bounced addresses were already being rejected by the sync and have not been making it into your Constant Contact lists anyway.  With them now deleted, it will decrease the amount of data run through the synchronization, ultimately improving the synchronization speed and opportunity for error. 

Q: I see that I have quite a few bounced email addresses in my Constant Contact. Is there anything you know about removing those?
A: We found this Constant Contact Knowledgebase article that might help. 

Q: Is the synchronization with MailChimp or Newsweaver affected?
A: Going forward Newsweaver and Mail Chimp synchronizations will no longer bring over the invalid or bad addresses.  If offending addresses still remain in the mail program they will be handled per their bounce management rules and will no longer be emailed.  Refer to the documentation with your respective mail program for information on how bounced addresses are handled.  These articles may be helpful for MailChimp and Newswever, recently rebranded as Poppulo.

Q: What other steps can I take to follow best practices with emails?
A: I'm glad you asked! While keeping a clean email list is important, many other factors affect your email sending reputation with ISPs.  For instance, another key factor over time is whether your recipients are engaged enough to open your email.  In other cases, certain factors could immediately raise a red flag that might land your email in the spam folder.  Take a look at these ways to increase your sender reputation:

  • Produce engaging content that results in recipients that open your email.
  • Stay consistent in look and feel so your recipients recognize it is you sending the email. Confusing messages may result in recipients marking it as Spam.
  • Send with a proper frequency and to more targeted groups.
  • Never send an email with a single image and no text. This is a common spammer technique that is looked upon as a bad practice.
  • Send from your organization email address (not from yahoo, gmail, etc).
  • Do research on which words are a trigger that might cause your email to be sent to the spam folder - words like "free".
Q: Besides getting marked as spam, are there other reasons my email might not be making it through to my recipients?
A: Another good question.  Yes, sometimes the recipient's mailbox is full or the ISP specifically has blocked your domain for various reasons. One other key reason for getting blocked is when you do not have an SPF record that is properly configured to send emails.  For additional information and solutions for these issues, read “Reasons Emails Don’t Get to Members.”  Please note that even though these email would not be making it to your recipient, these email addresses are not being quarantined by our system.

Q: Why is GrowthZone scanning my email addresses?
A: Please read the details of this important initiative here.