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October 2013 Software update

October 25, 2013
We are pleased to offer you regular maintenance updates like this one to ensure that your software is up-to-date with features that you request and include fixes that keep you operating smoothly.  In addition, many performance improvements are included and continue to be tweaked daily.

Performance Optimization
Load times reduced on 100+ pages

Roughly 100 different screens were modified (mainly in Members and Events) to reduce the time it takes for them to load. We recognize that there are times when these pages takes seconds to load instead of 1 second or less, especially for some customers. We are now monitoring the page load time of all pages and see that typically 5-7% of all page loads take more than 2 seconds. We think these optimizations will reduce that percent significantly but there is still work to be done over the next couple of weeks.

Event Registration Easier on Mobile Devices
Registration is now responsive to size of screen

Members and guests that register for events will see updated screens that will adjust based on the device that it is displayed on.  Your logo will display also display if it is uploaded under Setup->Organization Information.


Track Cancelled Registrations
New guest status available

When registrants cancel their event registration, you can change their status to "Cancelled". The Guest List Summary will be updated with a new "Registered" subtotal. The Account tab includes a new subtotal line titled "Total Registrations Cancelled".

Note: Billing transactions are not reversed when using this new status; Write-off or refund these cancellations like you do any other write-off or refund (see new "Refund" feature added this month). Invoice Activity on the Account tab will not display these cancelled guests as this list only displays sponsors and registered guests.

Refund a Payment (Integrated Billing only)
Easy reversal of a payment

Click Refund Payment on any applied payment to reverse the transaction created by that payment.

If exporting: Refunds will not be included by default on the journal entry export for either cash or accrual basis but could be included by selecting the "Show Refunds" checkbox.  Because the reversal is often handled in your accounting software through cutting a check or other manual reversal, the refund transaction is typically omitted from the export. 

Note: The Members' Account tab will list this transaction as a Receipt but will show the description as "Refund". At this time, this feature is only available for payments and not Sales Receipts.

Other Updates

Cloud Drive

  • Two new tabs, Email Attachments and Email Images, display in the Cloud Drive but are simply providing access to files you may have already uploaded. Any attachments uploaded in the editor will display under Email Attachments. Graphic images uploaded while working in the editor will display under Email Images. The Cloud Drive location for these files provide quick access to view, add or remove. Access is also still available under Dashboard->Common Tasks and in the editor where you create your emails and other communication.

Permissions Reports

  • View the permission assignments given to your member representatives with the new report "Representative Permissions" in the Reports module.  Sort by first, last, company, is primary rep, or is billing rep.

Member Information Center version 3

  • When an invoice only contains unpaid voluntary amounts, the invoice will no longer display for the member to pay. (Integrated Billing only)


  • A list of all previously scheduled emails with their completion status are available for viewing on the Past Scheduled Emails tab under Communication.  Use this list to double-check which emails were actually scheduled.
  • Editor: Update to CKEditor with patch for issue in Chrome (cursor jumps on Backspace)

Hot Deals

  • The maximum character limit for the Hot Deals description, defaulted to 1,000, can now be set to unlimited by specifying 0 (zero) as the character limit. Recommendation is to keep a limit in place but the 0 allows associations a quick work around that allows a longer description to be entered. Setup->Hot Deal Settings.

Integrated Billing:

  • After setting a fee item to a defined active date range, there is a new option to return that fee item back to “No Date”. (Plus or greater)
  • Billing Rep Email field is added to the list of mail merge fields and also included in the custom report fields.
  • When entering a new payment for a member, an invoice will not automatically be pre-selected which will reduce incorrect payment applications.
  • The Payment Summary report may be filtered by class If using transaction classes.
  • On notification, collection and thank you letters, the member's inside address can be removed by selecting the checkbox "Include member address in header". This will allow you to create your own inside address using mail merge fields of your choosing.
  • When creating an invoice batch, a leading zero may be used for the starting invoice number. The zero must be entered each time a new batch is created.
  • Invoice numbers, sale numbers, and credit numbers will now auto-increment up to 19 digits with a maximum value of 9223372036854775807.  Enter the desired reference number as your invoice, receipt or credit number; the next transaction you create will automatically increment to the next value. (Note: Non-numeric values will not auto-increment.)
Public Online Directory (version 3)
  • Two additional selections are now honored for v3 public modules: Setup->Business Directory Control Panel->Member Information Pages > checkboxes labeled "Open Member Website URL in a Pop-Up Window" & "Open Member Information Page in a Pop-Up Window"
Membership Application
  • When "Bill Me" is the only payment method enabled, the applicant is able to enter their own amount with "Fee Schedule" selected as their "Fee Type". Previously this input field would only display when both "Bill Me" and Credit Card were available.
Providing new features and more benefits is something that MicroNet, Inc. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required much programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.