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October 2012 Software Release

October 16, 2012
October’s update has something for everyone. Your communications people will be excited about being able to schedule their emails, your accounting staff will be pleased with a timing-saving feature related our billing module, and your membership staff will find a few ease-of-use enhancements as well.  Check the full list of updates!
Scheduled Emails* - Hit Your Target Audience at an Optimum Impact Moment
Set the date and time that your email will be sent using our new email scheduler.  Click Send Email Later to pick your date and time anytime when using ChamberMaster email for single or mass emails. If changing your mind on the content or delivery time, an Edit and Delete option are available under Communication->Manage Scheduled Email MessagesClick here for more information.
*Available with ChamberMaster Plus only

Broaden the Search to Include Multiple Batches
If you've ever searched for a specific billing scenario and felt hampered by the ability to look in only one batch at a time, then you will appreciate having a new ability to select multiple batches for your filter.  Check out these reports and notice when clicking to filter by a specific batch, that you can now press Ctrl-click to select each desired batch.  Shift-click will select multiple batches that are all in a row.

  • A/R Aging Detail
  • A/R Aging Summary
  • Collections
  • Invoice Summary
  • Open Invoices
  • Payment Summary

*Available to those with ChamberMaster Billing

Provide Premium Event Sponsor Prominence - Order your Sponsors
You've already been able to specify a custom title for your sponsor levels and place those levels in a desired order on your website for sponsor recognition, but now you can also order the individual sponsors within that level.

Locate the new Logo Sort Order selection under the Sponsor Web Display section of Sponsors tab in Events.

Other Updates
  • Members/Reps: Automatic password generator will no longer include 0's (zeros, O's, 1's (ones), I's (letter I, i) or L's, reducing confusion for members that attempt to login to the Member Center.
  • Emails:
    • Emails sent from ChamberMaster with the "Include Carbon Copy to Sender" selected will be sent to sender's inbox with "sender copy" inserted at beginning of the subject line.
    • Emails will automatically save content in memory in cases where the Close button is clicked accidentally.
  • Billing:
    • New fee items added to the "Member Fees and Dues" list on the Members' Account tab will default to Non-ACH even if other items are set for ACH. Fees assigned in mass under Setup>Fee Items List will still default to ACH at this time.
    • New checkbox on "Print/Email Statements" allows inclusion of Payments on statement. *Not available when selecting to filter by Statement period
    • Notification, Thank You, and Collection Letters include option to include/exclude organization return address.
  • Groups: Rep Status and Group Status columns have been added to the group roster download allowing for easier sorting of the roster by rep status (inactive, active) or by group status (active or disabled).
  • Events: Members can register for events using their email address instead of member name if desired.
  • Info Request: New Save button added at the top of the "Enter Info request" form for internal staff.
  • Rep Permissions
    • In the Custom Representative Report, Rep Permission Set assignments is a new optional field.
    • Manage rep permission sets under an additional menu location added for your convenience under Setup->Manage Permission Sets.
  • Hit Stats: New feature and update applied earlier in month.  See posting from 9/25/2012
  • Toolbar: Your Customer ID is displayed at the end of your customer name in the toolbar.
  • Note: a new non-removable Members Only folder appears under the CloudDrive Shared folders area.  This folder was placed there by our programmers in preparation for a future release that will provide a location for staff to place member-only files and folders.  Placing files in this folder  will not hurt but will not do anything for you or your members at this time.  Stay tuned!