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November 2013 Software Update

November 27, 2013
More robust functionality added, fixes and requests suggested by our customers, and foundational items added to keep you on the cutting edge with your membership. Check out the new features added this month!

Store Member Files in the database
Keep all related docs for a member in one place

Do you have documents like special agreements, member-specific graphics or other unique files that you'd like to keep handy with your member's account? 

Upload these files to the new Files tab under the Members module so they are available for any staff member that needs to reference this material. 

Presently, these files are not accessible as an email attachment or to upload as an event sponsor logo. Use this as a member-specific storage spot that is accessible by all staff. 

News Releases catch your eye*
Easy-crop images may now be added

Add an image to your News Release article using the new image uploading tool which allows you to crop the image in a preview window prior to the final save.

When creating a News Release, click to add an image. Position the selection rectangle to indicate the area of the image to save. Click Crop and Save. The image will be included within the body of your News Release and also as an eye-catching identifier in your list of news articles.

The pre-sized crop tool helps you post great-looking images by only allowing a proportion that will work well in this area and lets you determine what in the image should be the focus.  Look for this new crop tool to appear in other areas where graphics are uploaded. 
*Available for display in public modules v3 only.

Other Updates

Group Sign-up/Communication

  • A simple math question has been added to the bottom of the Group Sign-up/Communication form to prevent spam bots from completing the form.
Events & Event Registration
  • The "Invoice Payment" line in the General Summary section of the Account tab was renamed to "Invoice" which better reflects the value in that line - the total that has been invoiced. 
  • To provide tighter security, when members register using only their email address, the registration process will no longer prompt for and pre-populate their contact information. The contact information from their member account will be retained as their registration info for those registering with their email address only.  Those that log in to register will still have an opportunity to update their contact information that is recorded with the event registration.
Task List
  • A Refresh icon was added to the Task List to allow customers a double-check on whether the Task List quantities are up-to-date. The Task List is expected to automatically update after new tasks are added/removed as usual, however you can use the refresh icon if there is any question.  


  • "Member Home Page Hits" (also known as "Member Page Statistics Across Members") report includes a selection to filter by member status. 
Marketing Package, Premier or Pro edition
  • Banner ads placed on non-ChamberMaster / MemberZone pages may now have a context ID specified that is greater than 400.  This is in addition to the current context ID options of 101 - 199. 
Custom Fields
  • Custom fields both on the Members->General and Reps tab include some new selections that are staging us for future features. The selections MIC Search and Member Permissions are not active yet but will provide some new capabilities in upcoming releases. 

Public Events module
  • An RSS Feed link may now be enabled on the events calendar when using version 3 Public modules.  Select Display RSS icon on Event Search page under Setup->Events Options and Settings in the Upcoming Events List section. 
  • For Web Masters: Both the list view and full calendar view of the events module now support highlighting events based upon event category. This is accommodated via CSS classes which are added to each event listing.  Read more here or find your own personalized instructions under Additional Features when viewing your own Website Integration Instructions on the Dashboard.
  • For Web Masters: Ability to display your own calendar title for event calendars that are based on a category. You'll need to update your website menu URL to take advantage of this new feature.  Read more here or find your own personalized instructions under Additional Features when viewing your own Website Integration Instructions on the Dashboard. See "Multiple Category Views".
Public Online Business Directory Website integration - scrolling modules
  • For Web Masters: New Automatic Scroll setting for module feed widgets. Now you can allow your module widgets to only scroll if there are enough items to warrant scrolling in the defined area.  To include this automatic “scroll/not scroll” feature in your feeds, you would need to regenerate your widget code, which is done in the Integration Settings Control Panel, making sure to select Automatic for the Animation selection, and place the new code on your website. 

Providing new features and more benefits is something that MicroNet, Inc. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required much programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.