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November 2012 Software Updates

November 09, 2012
We’re kicking off November with exciting new features and options in three core areas: mobile, member services and website enhancements. Additionally we have several updates in Events, Billing, Reports and more. As usual you have access to all these updates now. Check out this list of updates!

Customize your mobile site; no web design experience needed*

You already know being mobile-ready is business-critical but did you know that you have a mobile-optimized website already available if you are a Plus user? And now you can add your own custom links, alter the colors, add wording unique to your organization, or choose one of several design layouts - all without web design experience. Click SmartMobile in your left-hand menu and click the Upgrade button. Start updating your mobile pages immediately!

Add a new main menu link directing visitors to a page written and designed by you inside SmartMobile (like the "About Us" example shown above).  Add an external link or create a link to one of many embedded module pages such as Jobs, MarketSpace or the group sign-up page.  

Having precise control over your mobile site is now at your fingertips for an introductory price of $19/month but available now free for a 30 day trial.  If you decide this type of customization is not for you, click "Turn off SmartMobile" and return to your standard mobile template. 

Have you ever promoted or used your mobile site before?  If not, you may also be interested in our mobile site setup.  

*Available with ChamberMaster Plus and our SEO module integration only 

Update your Website Look and Gain More Features

Streamlined searches, fresh styling, and fewer clicks - - upgrade your website public modules to this new look and receive many extra benefits.

  • Updated look on all main modules - Directory, Events, Jobs, Deals, Member to Member Deals, Member page, and Info Request
  • Quicker, easier-to-use, single source keyword search with advanced filtering options
  • Fresh, new tabbed look to the member pages
  • New multi-category feature allows for on-the-fly creation of categories for display
  • Fewer clicks to get to desired event details - quicker registration access
  • Streamlined Information Request form
  •

Custom upgrade instructions are available on your Dashboard at the bottom left in the Customer Service section.  Click "View Website Integration instructions".  

Need help with the update?  Contact

New Look and Additional Features in the Member Information Center: Ready for Beta Preview!

The beta of the Member Information Center (MIC) is now available for review. It has a fresh, uncluttered interface that directs attention to pertinent member tasks like updating their profile, participating in events, paying their bill and utilizing benefits.

  • More white-space provides clean look for members
  • Member profile completion status bar is given center-stage focus
  • “Look and feel” may be styled to match your organization's theme
  • New! Members can submit their own News Releases for posting on your website. (almost ready)
  • New! Custom resource section for accessing uploaded files and links made available by office staff.
  • New! "Refer a member" selection available for members to recommend their colleagues.
  • New! "Membership Badge" widget provides member with specific website code touting their membership that can be placed on their site.


Turn on this beta version under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings.  Select "3.0 (Beta)" for the Home Page Appearance Version.  Going back is as easy as changing this selection back to what you had before.  

Note: the new Member Center can be enabled for your members no matter which version of your public website modules you have integrated.  It is also available for all editions of our software.  With questions or feedback on this beta version, please contact and mention that you are using the beta version of the Member Center.

Other Updates
  • Events:
    • Guest List will display a small icon indicating when a registrant is not associated with a database record which will assist staff in keeping better attendance records. 
    • When an event registrant is not associated with a member, clicking into their record will display newly named selections to connect to the database - Create New Rep, Associate with Existing Rep, and Create Member Record. Associate will allow the guest contact information to be used or allow the existing rep contact information to be used.
    • Membersmay register for an event using their email address if their email address is listed on their member account. Previously, only the member login name was acceptable.
    • Required event registration fields are now required when internal staff completes the registration in addition to those registering online.
  • Billing:
    • Fee items updated using Change All Rates for a particular month will only affect fee items assigned on the members account with an annual frequency.  Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual fees assignments are not affected.
    • Fee items assigned to members in mass under Setup->Fee Items List will now default to Non-ACH for that fee assignment even on members where ACH is turned on.  
  • Reports: New report specifically designed for printing - Printable Membership Directory.  Prints in multi-column format; requires duplex printer;
  • Email: When emailing a single member, the "Choose a Member" link will remain visible even after selecting the desired member, allowing a different member to be selected if needed.
  • News Releases: New "saved" message will display after release has been saved.
  • Contact Us website module: Wording change above the form to, "Send us your questions or comments using the form below. We will respond promptly to your inquiry."  After submission wording will say "Thank you. We will respond to your inquiry shortly."

Providing new features and more benefits is something that MicroNet, Inc. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required much programming time but are not visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.