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Member Information Center v4 upgrade FAQs

February 26, 2015
Member Information Center (MIC) version 1 and version 3 
will automatically be switched over to version 4 on 7/10/2015.

Member Information Center Version 4 Upgrade FAQs

Q: What is the Member Information Center?
A: The Member Information Center (MIC) gives your members easy access to pay their bills, update their contact information, post jobs and deals, and provides other member benefits depending on the version that you have.

Q: How do I know which version of the MIC I have right now?
A: Select Setup in the left-hand menu.  Click Member Login Area Options and Settings.  On the Settings tab, in the MIC Version section, you will see your current version in the drop-down list.

Q: Why are you automatically upgrading us to Member Information Center version 4?
A: We are committed to providing the best experience for your members, better tools for you and your staff, and a platform that is feature-rich. We believe the updated Member Information Center (MIC) version 4 provides that experience, and we don't want you to miss out. And by supporting and providing updates to only one version of the MIC, our development and support teams can focus and put all energies into MIC v4.  

Q: Is there a way to preview what this looks like?
A: Yes. If you are MIC v1, select Setup in the left-hand menu.  Click Member Login Area Options and Settings.  On the Settings tab, in the MIC Version section, you'll see the Preview Version 4.0 link.  Click that to view what members will see.

If you are on MIC v3, simply switch to v4 temporarily and then click the MIC button in the upper right-hand tool bar.  

Q: Can I switch to MIC version 4 without waiting for 7/10/2015?
A: Yes. We encourage you to switch as soon as you want.  Notify your members in advance if that is important to you and then upgrade to this new version when you are ready.

Q: Is there a charge for upgrading to MIC version 4?
A: No. This is a free upgrade.

Q: How do I switch to MIC version 4?
A: Select 
Setup in the left-hand menu.  Click Member Login Area Options and Settings.  On the Settings tab, in the MIC Version section, select 4.0 in the Version drop-down box.  Click Save. That's it! 

Q: Can I turn it on and then turn it back off?
A: Yes, if you'd like to switch to version 4 and then change your mind, there is no reason you can't switch back. After 7/10/2015, the option to switch back will not be available.

Q: Will we be switched automatically to the new version?

A: Yes. On 7/10/2015 you will automatically be switched to version 4. 

Q: Is there a brochure that I can share with my board members or other staff to summarize the features of MIC v4?
A: Yes. Check out this 2-page PDF file that highlights many of the benefits.

Q: Is there a way to know who and how many of my members currently login to the Member Information Center?
A:  Yes. View the Logins column in the Member Engagement (Most Active) report. The default settings will display the number of logins for the past 12 months for all active members. Adjust the filters to show a different date range or to see members with a different status. To find this report, search for "engage" in the Reports module.

FAQs After Upgrading to Version 4
Q: Where can I read even more about MIC v4?
A: In the online searchable help, search for "Member Information Center" or click here.

Q: Are there any other areas of the softare where I might experience something new besides just the look and feel of the new Member Information Center?
A: There are a couple of updates that you may notice initially as being different, but they don't require a change in how you function.  These differences will only provide better service and more features. See the next couple FAQs for more info.

Q: Will logins to the Member Information Center v4 be different than the logins for the earlier versions?
A: No. Your members will be able to use the same login and password that they have used all along.  No change is required.  However, those that login using a "member" login instead of their own personal "rep" login, will now be asked and reminded to upgrade for free to a new login. Using a new personal 'rep' login will provide a better overall experience for your member, increased security and more tracking of MIC usage on an individual basis. View more information on rep logins.

Q: What does it look like when a member chooses to "upgrade their login" for free?
A: Watch this video to see what it looks like.

Q: Will MICv4 look any different for those that go to pay their bills online?
A: Yes.  Paying their bills will look a bit different but should even be easier.  If a bill is unpaid, there will be a Pay Bills button displayed immediately when they login.  The screens will look a bit different but the basic concept is the same and should be easy to navigate.  If no bills are outstanding, then members access the billing area under the Account menu.

Q: I notice there is a social network component to MIC v4.  Can I turn that off if I don't like it?
A: Yes. This can be disabled. However, we have heard and believe that providing this social network has proven to be a nice option for members to communicate and post business best practices, share articles, photos and just connect with each other. Without a need to "friend" or "join" the group, this is an immediate location to start interacting.  If you are concerned about the content, make sure you select to receive email notification of any posts made under Setup->Employees/Reps under Additional Settings->Member posted in the social feed.  If still not convinced, you may disable the Community Activity Feed under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings in the Dashboard (Home) section of the Settings tab.

Q: I have Member-Only Files uploaded in MIC v3.  Will these be automatically displayed in the new Resources area of MIC v4?
A: No. Files uploaded for member use in MIC v3 will need to be re-uploaded to their new location for use with MIC v4. The new options available in MIC v4 require that each file be re-uploaded with the correct and more detailed settings applied to each file. View the steps for uploading files to the MIC v4 Resources area.  Note that when you upload files to MIC v4 Resources, you can specify Cloud as the upload Option, which allows you to view and select from the files previously uploaded to MIC v3, making this transition quite straightforward.

Q: Do you suggest I notify my members?
A: A courtesy email telling them they will have a "new look" when they log in would be appropriate if you'd like.  However, we have heard that MIC v4 is so intuitive that members know how to navigate immediately.  The interface is similar to other online password-protected environments in that the logout and personal account settings are located in the upper right hand corner under their name.  All other commonly used features have buttons prominently displayed on-screen including a Pay Bills button front and center if any invoices exist on their account.
See the next FAQ for an email template ready for your announcement.

Q: Are there any resources available to share with my members?
A: Yes. We have two videos that you can provide that demonstrate the basics of updating their personal profile or updating their company profile. There is also an email template available for you announcing your switch to MIC v4. Find that in your email editor by clicking the Template icon then select Pre-defined Templates. Look for "Updating to v4 Member Info Center" at the bottom of the template list.