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March 2013 Software Update

March 22, 2013

Blooming with new features, our March software update has many reasons to celebrate: automatic event sync to your calendars, more updates to the Member Information Center and automatic email notifications for certain key tasks. 

Enter Once - Show in all your calendars
Automatic sync of events to your calendar

Now all your events will also appear in your Outlook, Apple iCalendar, Google, iPhone, iPad calendar or any other application that supports iCalendar feeds. Locate the desired URL feed, picking from "All Events", "Internal Events", "Member Only Events", "Public Events", or by event category, and add that to your desired calendar.

Once the initial setup has been done, a "push" of those events to your calendar will happen every hour and will display events scheduled for the next year. Find the list of feeds on your Dashboard Message Center next to the list of Upcoming Public Events or on the Events Calendar tab.  Click "Sync with your own calendar" and follow the directions specific for your calendar.  See how simple it is; watch a demo video for Outlook or a demo video for Google Calendar.

Email notifications to your Staff
Triggered when membership app completed or member makes changes

Indicate which staff should receive an automatic email when the online membership app is completed. Or have an email sent whenever a member changes something in the Member Information Center (version 3 only).  Check off which email notifications should be sent to who under Setup->Employees/Reps.  Click the desired rep, scroll to the bottom and open the Additional Settings section. This opens the door for more email notifications to be added along the way.


Other Updates

Member Information Center v 3 (beta)

  • The Benefits menu has been renamed to Share - a place for members to create and post their deals, jobs, and events etc.  The menu items, Member Search and Resources/Files, were moved under a new menu heading, Search, which displays additional new choices where members may search for jobs, deals, marketspace items, news releases, and events right in the Member Center. 
  • When available, the individual rep photo will display next to the rep name inside the Member Information Center when searching for participants in a group or those belonging to an interest under Search->Member Search. The photo does not display when searching the member list but only when searching for rep names in the Group and Interest Search.
  • Mobile Page Views are now identified on the Page Views chart and in the stats that displays under Reports->Member Page Views.  In addition all reports titled "Page Hits" were renamed to "Page Views" to better reflect the stats they gather.
  • Members may now view or edit the Full-Time Employees and Part-Time Employees quantity and the Established Date field (meant to store the date that the business started). Business Info permission controls the Read/Write ability on these new fields.
  • Find Permission under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings is now honored and will enable/disable the Member Search menu selection.
  • Additional Payments made in addition to open invoice payments will now display the Additional Payment Description on the Purchase Summary and the Online Receipt.
  • New updated graphics replace the original "Refer a Member" and "Search Reports" icons.
  • The system file "folderholdfile.fol" that displayed under "Resources/Files" is now hidden.


  • Many reports now do not immediately display the results when selecting the report but instead will allow you to select your filter choices first, and then require you to click Generate Reports.  This eliminates unnecessary wait time for you while a report generates that may not have your desired criteria in place. These reports were affected: Accounts Receivable Aging Detail, Sales by Account, Journal Entry Export - Cash, Journal Entry Export-Accrual, Invoice Summary, Payment Summary, Batch Summary, Check Listing.
  • "Bill to" name will now appear on the Billing->Deposit screen to help in reconciling your deposits - especially for deposits relating to non-member event attendees. The "Sale #" column added to this screen will display the receipt number and the "Ref #" column will display the reference number.  Previously the Ref # column displayed either the Sale # if it was a receipt or Ref # if it was a payment.
  • Usage of each item in a Bundled Fee may now be recorded by clicking "Bundled Fee Tracking" in the Membership Fees & Dues area on an Account tab of a member who has been assigned a bundled fee. Very similar to spreadsheet tracking but this will automatically display the assigned items and log the staff name that records it. Just type the quantity and date used along with any desired comments.  Click Track Usage and their benefit usage becomes part of the displayed history that remains available even if the member no longer has a bundled fee assigned.. And best of all, it's available right in your software.  Only available for Plus customers.


  • One color coordinated scheme will now work with each template. If desired, select your own colors under the Mobile Layouts tab under More Styling Options. These colors will continue their eye-catching appeal no matter which layout is selected. Did you create a combination that is hard to read or not what you wanted? Click Reset to Default Colors to return to the color palette originally supplied when you turned it on.
  • The Custom Member Report includes a new field under Extended Member Information, Primary Rep: Phone which will display the primary rep's preferred phone number if available, the Work Phone if not, or display nothing if no Work Phone is specified.
  • 10 digit member phone numbers can now be saved and displayed in an international format.  To accomplish this, the automatic parenthesis around the area code that is typical in US or Canada will not happen if the Country field on the Member->General tab is filled in with a country name other than US (United States) or Canada, which the allows the phone number field to display any desired format including xx xxxx-xxxx.


  • New selection on Groups->General tab "Allow members to view/search roster list in Member Information Center" that designates whether other members may search this roster list in the Member Information Center under the Member Search menu. Available only when using Member Information Center v 3.

Individual Rep Logins

  • Miscellaneous permission and logic fixes including
    • If changing a single rep’s permissions to something different than the defined set, a warning will display and the rep's permission set will automatically be changed to "Custom Permissions".
    • Rep Permission Set field now shows even the “system permission sets” assigned such as Full and Custom.
  • When clicking into a news category from the /news public website, the title of the resulting page will say "News for "category" " where "category" is the actual name of the category instead of "News for Category".
Category Attributes
  • Category attributes created under Setup->Define Business Categories may now be ordered using drag and drop.  This determines the order these attributes are displayed when assigning to the member on the Members-Advanced tab. 
  • Point of Interest Categories and Sub Categories that may be assigned to your members for placement in the MyChamberApp (MCA) mobile app now only display options that are available as selections in MyChamberApp which reduces the chance of assigning a category to a member that then will not display on MCA.
  • Miscellaneous wording updates that remove reference to "chamber" or "ChamberMaster" and replace with "MemberZone" and "association".
  • An Application Programming Interface (API) is now available to 3rd party developers that wish to create their own applications from your database. If you have someone wanting to develop a special-use application for you, contact to receive a unique API key for your developer and the API documentation.  Access is only granted to a 3rd party developer with your express permission.