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January 2013 Software Update

January 24, 2013

January Software Release
Welcome to your software updates for January. We’re starting 2013 on a social note by allowing you and your members to use social media logins for access to ChamberMaster or MemberZone. This is a popular feature used by many other applications and should help with the “too many passwords to remember” problem.

As usual, there are several other highlights such as additions to the Member Information Center, the ability to send useful content from your website to your mobile device and easier ways to display custom groups (such as board or committee members) on your website.

Quick, easy access to your software
Login using familiar social network logins

Access for members just got easier - - they can sync their Facebook, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn accounts with their Member Information Center (MIC) login.  Now they can access the member center by using the familiar login they use on a daily basis.

In fact, you and your staff can take advantage of this feature as well.  

To get started, click the appropriate icon and supply your social network login credentials.  Then enter the login name that you wish to synch. You'll be logged in immediately. 

From then on, you only have to click the appropriate icon and enter your social network login to access your software.  You've now got one less password to remember!

To unlink and manage your synched logins, staff will see a new icon in the left-hand menu.  Members using Member Info Center version 3.0 will use "Linked Accounts" under the Logout drop-down menu. Members on the original Member Center will find a new menu selection in the left-hand menu titled "Manage Linked Accounts". View more details in Help/Info.

"On-the-go" member and event information*
Send selected info via SMS to mobile device

Website visitors can easily bring detailed information with them as they head out the door by selecting the "Share on Phone" link on any Member Information Page, event, Hot Deal, Member to Member deal, or Job Posting. 

*Available to those with the version 3 public modules.




Display Committee and Board Members on your website
New Groups Website Module now available 

No need to create a separate list on your website to advertise your board member list, committee members, or participants of any designated list.  Select the checkbox  "Public Group" on the General tab of your desired group under Groups in the left-hand menu. Those on your roster will display on your website when accessing the URL -  Add this new link to your website and you no longer have to update your website separately - just update your Group Roster in the software. 

Your group member first and last name, their company, and group role will display along with their photo if it's been uploaded in the new Member Information Center v 3.0.  Look for more updates and options for this public page in the near future.

Available only with SEO public website modules v 2 or v 3. Rep photos are available to upload only with Member Information Center v 3.0. View more details in Help/Info.

Other Updates

Beta Member Information Center (MIC) version 3

  • Search for members by similar interests or by groups using the Member Search selection under Benefits.
  • Work with the Member Center translated to Spanish or French by clicking the Translate icon in the upper right hand corner after logging into the MIC.  After choosing your language choice, the Member Center will render all appropriate menus, titles, descriptions and words in your selected language.  This selection will remain in effect during that session of the Member Center but must be selected each time you return.
  • Preview the new look of member reports under the new Reports menu.
  • Ability for the member to upload a graphic to be used as a custom header on their Member Information Page. Although all members have the ability to upload this graphic under Profile->Photos & Logos, it will only display on their member page if allowed by the global setting in the Integration Settings Control Panel and the member has an enhanced listing.  Public display on the Member Information Page is available for those with the Marketing Package and those with the 3.0 public modules.
  • Control permission of access to create and view News Releases on a rep by rep basis in the Member Center. Enable the permission under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings.  Then make sure your reps have this new permission set to Read/Write or Read-Only by editing each permission set under Setup->Manage Permission Sets
  • Event invitations and automatic Event Reminders include "Add to Calendar" link.
  • "Add to Outlook" link in event confirmation emails was renamed to "Add to Calendar" and reflects the fact that it now supports Google calendar in addition to Outlook.
  • Event data META description is populated with the Events->General tab->Search Description field (when available) or 160 characters of the event description instead of a generic, single phrase. This change means that 1) automatic posts to Facebook will include this event description in the post. 2) More favorable Search Engine ranking should result over time.  In addition, an appropriate thumbnail photo, stored under Events->General tab->Photos and Images->Main Event Photo, is being recommended to Facebook for event posting. The Search Description field is available to those with v2 or v3 public modules.
  • Public event calendar maintains filtering selections when switching between list and full calendar view (v3 public modules).


  • New fields "Created Date" and "Modified Date" appear on Members->General tab identifying the date the member is created and last date anything on the member record was modified.  These fields may not be modified but display as read-only information.  Modification includes adding/removing fees, updating contact information, modifying category assignments, webpage description and most all member record changes.  Details of these changes are logged and may be viewed on the "Member Record Updates" report.


  • Member Record Updates report now includes all changes made in the Members module excluding Communication entries (which are already recorded on the Member Contact Report).
  • Member Home Page Hits under the Reports module now includes mobile website statistics for each member.  Stats include Mobile Member Page, Links to Website from Mobile, Displayed in Mobile Category Listing, and Listed in Mobile Search Results.  Stats are gathered for the mobile site listed in the Integration Settings Control Panel under "Site Location (URL) Mobile" field on the "General Settings" tab.
  • Custom Representative Report may be filtered by Group.


  • Billing Letters (Notification, Collection, Thank you) allows selection of specific members that may be selected a member at a time, by membership status, or by Membership type.  These selected members must still meet the requirements of the other displayed filters.
  • PayPal credit card processing fix applied earlier this month to ensure transactions accurately processed using Canadian currency when applicable.


  • Member Contact Report now reports one combined entry for mass emails sent.  Click the "recipient" count to view the list of recipients.
  • Ability to edit the email disclaimer at the bottom of emails.  Select Setup->General Options and Settings. Open the Email Server Settings and edit either the "Internal Email Disclaimer" (for emails sent from you to your members) or the "Public Email Disclaimer" (for emails sent by visitors using links on your website).
  • Emails forwarded or cc'd to archive@youraname when multiple members/reps in your database share the same recipient address will now be recorded in Communication->Unmatched Archive Emails. Previously these emails were recorded on the Communication History of the first match found.

Constant Contact

  • Sync all active reps of all active and courtesy members to your Constant Contact account without having to create or maintain any groups.  Select the new checkbox under Setup->General Options and Settings->Add-on Manager->Automatically sync all active reps for active and courtesy members. The nightly synch will then create and maintain a new list in Constant Contact for you titled "All Active and Courtesy Representatives from ChamberMaster/MemberZone"


  • Create custom fields for your group on the Roster tab by selecting Add/Edit Roster Custom Fields. Click into any contact in the roster to modify the information for that rep. This information is available to view in when selecting to Download List as well.

Rep Permissions

  • "Web Map Pin Info" permission now appears as an option on Permission sets so that the Map Pin menu item and the ability to update the map pin may be controlled with the selections of Read/Write, Read Only and Disabled.


  • New help icons () are embedded throughout the software to assist users with the specific area where they are working.  Find the first embeds on Events->General tab in the "Event Information" bar and another one under Setup->Member Login Area Options and Settings on the "Menu Items and Permissions" bar.

Pro Package

  •   Customers with the Pro Package Bundle will see a new Pro logo in the upper left-hand corner indicating their software edition includes the Pro bundle. 

Logout screen

  • New informational message appears after logging out of the software - "You have been successfully logged out. If you are on a public or shared computer, be sure to close all browser windows."  Without closing their browser, those logged into social networks that have synched their login access will remain logged in to their social network which would also allow re-entry into the software without requiring further credentials.  This gives ease of use for the end user if on your own computer, but typically not desirable if on a shared computer.

Providing new features and more benefits is something that MicroNet, Inc. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required much programming time but are not visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.

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