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Invalid Email Address Cleanup

April 02, 2019

Keep a clean email list
The reasons emails are sent to spam folders are varied and may require further investigation, but one of the simplest, yet often overlooked, things you should be doing is keep a clean, up-to-date list of email addresses -- regularly purging your list of invalid or unknown addresses.

Why does it matter
When emails are continually sent to invalid addresses, some internet service providers (ISP) assume the email is being sent from someone who doesn't have a relationship with the recipient and thus is unwanted email.  And by extension, it may be assumed that all emails sent from your domain are spam. This can cause ISPs to block your emails from reaching your recipients.

Helping in this effort
GrowthZone understands that emails are a critical component of engaging with your members and communicating pertinent information to stakeholders.  That is why we introduced a new benefit in your database - automatic notification and quarantine of invalid or unknown addresses so that you can worry less and engage with your members more.

Brief overview
Newly added email addresses will be scanned nightly by an email verification tool (Quick Email Verification i.e. Addresses marked as invalid will then display under the Invalid Emails item in your Task List (as well as in a notification email), and will be quarantined after 30 days.  This gives you ample time to update or re-check any of the identified addresses. Even after quarantine, the address can still be modified and retrieved.

When will this start
No action is required on your part. The scanning will begin during the month of May for some customers and for others it will start in June or July. Once started for you, it will continue nightly going forward.  Note that the first scan will be of all addresses in your database.  Watch for Invalid Emails in your Task List. If you wish to receive an email notification, please sign up under Setup->Association Employees/Reps in the Additional Settings section.

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