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Hit Statistics Tracking Notice

September 25, 2012

Hit Stat Tracking & Reporting - Optional New Feature and Important Update Announced

At ChamberMaster we know the importance of website hit statistic tracking for your organization and thus have released a new optional feature that will help make sure you have an accurate picture of how many page hits your ChamberMaster module pages are receiving.  Additionally our programmers have identified an error in the hit tracking logic that was resulting in a significant number of hits not being reflected in some of the Hit Stat Reports within ChamberMaster.  The new feature and update are detailed below. 

New Feature – Option to filter out “bot” traffic from the Hit Stats reported via ChamberMaster*

In addition to the people who visit your website, there are hundreds of web bots, or web crawlers, that visit websites for various reasons.  One you may have heard of is Googlebot; this is the computer that visits millions of web pages to determine the content of each page so that Google can learn about new pages and content to include in their search results.  There are also malicious bots that crawl the web looking for security holes or copying content for use on other sites.  Whether the bot is good or bad, visits to your web pages by bots should most likely not be reported as hits.  Historically ChamberMaster has not done any filtering of the web traffic to exclude bots from the web stats; with this update you will have the option to exclude web bot hits from your hit stat reporting.

Opting to change this setting will likely result in a significant drop in the number of hits reported for your pages.  While we cannot say with certainty how much your individual website’s stats will be affected, in a review of a cross section of our clients’ sites we found that the average site reported ~74% fewer hits once the bot traffic was removed from the reporting.  The percentage drop in hits will vary from client to client as Google and other search engines typically determine crawl rate at the domain level – meaning that your site may not have as many bots visiting it as another site.

So you might be asking why you would want to use this option if it will result in lower hit stats reported.  Besides accuracy for your own information, the best reason is transparency with your membership.  Many of your members are already using web analytics tools, like Google Analytics, to determine the source of traffic to their website and they may question the discrepancy if your reporting indicates that 100 people clicked on their website link and they only show your website as the referring site 25 times in their reports; it could appear to the member that you were, perhaps, intentionally inflating the hit stats.

It is also important to note that once the decision to filter out bot traffic has been made it will be best to not reverse this decision as switching back and forth will result in poor data quality – you will be able to revert to the previous setting but it is not recommended.  Click here for information about enabling the feature.

Important Update Applied – stats updated for portions of the public facing modules

Our programmers discovered an issue that was introduced this past May which resulted in four major hit stat categories not having been reported properly via the ChamberMaster reporting tools.  The four categories of hits are Member Pages, Quicklinks, Categories, and Event Detail Pages.  The issue was the result of an update that added a numerical identifier to the end of the URL for each of those pages; this caused those pages to not be counted in the stats.  The good news is that we still have the raw data and have now imported the hits that were missed.  As of Tuesday September 25th, 2012 the hit stat reports for the date range 5/19/2012 – 9/24/2012 in your database are now updated to include the page hits which were not previously included. 

This will be important to your organization particularly if you have used the member benefit report or any of the related reports in communication with your members during the dates above.  If this is the case you may wish to update your members with the new accurate numbers.

If you have any questions in relation to either of these items please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@micronetonline.comIn addition, if you have more general questions about hit tracking and how it relates to your organization please browse through the Overview of Website Analytics slideshow.

*The bot filtering option is only available to those with the Search Engine Optimized module integration .