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FAQs - v4 Website Modules

July 30, 2019

Reviewed 8/18/2022

Refreshed and updated look!  - - something new for your website visitors to experience when they view your list of members, events, deals, jobs, news, or blog posts by enabling the next version of our website modules - version 4.  Available to all ChamberMaster / MemberZone customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Q: What do the new website modules look like and what are the basic features?
A: See the features and general overview in this document.  View the new look.

Q: Will I automatically be upgraded to the new version?
A: No.  You can choose this whenever you are ready. But we highly encourage it so your website looks fresh and new!

Q: What does "website modules" actually mean?
A: The website modules, sometimes called public modules, refer to the information on your website that is populated by the information from your database.  For example, when you view the list of members on your website, that list is coming from your database which is one of the website modules - the online directory.  The version of the website modules you have implemented determine the way that list displays by default (it's basic design) and the information that is included without additional programming. 

Q: Is there a cost to the upgrade?
A: No, there is not a cost for upgrading to the v4 website modules - this is a free upgrade.  The option to change to the new version will be a single drop-down choice available to all customers.  Most of our customers with v3 website modules implemented now should be able to make the v4 selection and have a new look for their website modules in a matter of minutes.  However, in situations where additional web services expertise is required, there may be a cost from us or from your own website service company.   

For instance, if you have a custom website design in place now or if you are on the older website modules (v1 and v2), there will be more to it than selecting the new drop-down choice.   Specifically, if custom work has been done to your website modules, this custom work will need to be tweaked to work with the new version.  If your website modules are currently on the older versions (v1 or v2), instructions to upgrade are more involved and might require someone with additional website knowledge.  In either of these cases, if you need someone to assist with tweaking your custom design or perform the upgrade instructions, our web services team will be happy to provide a quote and assist to get your website modules upgraded.   In summary, there is no cost for the upgrade itself but a cost if GrowthZone Web Services needs to assist in the upgrade.

Q: How do I know which version of the website modules I have now?
A: To see your version number, view your Website Integration Instructions that can be found on the your Dashboard. See where. Your version number will display there.

Q: Are there features that will not be available in v4 that were available in v3?
A: Yes.  We've added a number of new features but there are a few optional features that are not being carried through at this time:  The Lodging module, Trip BuilderDirectory Attributes and the radius search on your public directory.  If you currently use those features and want to maintain those, you could upgrade to v4 for all other modules but specify that the Directory should remain on v3. See how.

Q: Can you tell me more details about the membership application, groups modules, and contact us page?
A: Yes. Take a look at screen shots and highlights of these modules. View PDF>>

How to Enable
Q: Where can I find the instructions on how to enable the new v4 website modules?
A: View your Website Integration Instructions that are available on the Dashboard under the Customer Service section.  See where. Your current website module version and a link to upgrade instructions will be available right there. See where.

Q: If I am ready to upgrade, what are the cut and dried steps for doing that?
A: Watch this video to see exactly how to switch to v4 website modules. View video>>.

Q: Is there a way to preview the v4 website module look before actually enabling it?
A: Yes. When you access the Website Integration Instructions and click to view the instructions, you'll see Preview Links available so you can view what v4 will look like and check for styling concerns. This will be the best way to tell whether you are ready to upgrade on your own, or if you need to pursue additional assistance. See where.

Q: After enabling version 4 website modules, what should I do next? 
A: Go take a look at what visitors will see when they view your directory, events, deals, jobs, news or blogs. and see what you think. Make all looks good!

Q: If I'm not ready to keep that look and feel, can I return to my previous version?
A: Yes, you can change the Module Version drop-down back to the previous version and try again when you are ready. Please contact us at with questions.

Q: Is there a way to upgrade to v4 but keep my directory or events on v3 if I want to keep those for a specific feature that I like in the old version?
A: Yes. If you currently use a specific feature that is not available in v4 and want to maintain those, you could upgrade to v4 for all other modules but specify that the Directory should remain on v3. See how.

Working With the New Features
Q: I've upgraded to v4 website modules and now I want to add the category images that display on the directory search page.  How do I do that?
A: You can upload your own image or select from our library of images for your category images from the back office under Setup Define Directory Categories under the QuickLink Categories choice at the bottom of the page.  See how.

Q: How can I display the All listings link on my directory search page so that website visitors can view all listing at once.
A: Login to the back office with Admin permission.  Select Setup > Directory Control Panel.  Select the Enable All Listings link in the Directory Search Page section. 

Q: I want to display the Membership Type ribbon (see what a membership type ribbon looks like) on members of a selected membership type, how do I do that?
A: Under Setup > Define Membership Types, select the checkbox in the v4 Display column next to any membership type that you wish for the Membership Type name to display on the member card. Click Save.

Q: How do I enter the optional introductory text for each of the search pages? See example
A: On the Modules tab in the Integration Settings Control Panel, you have a spot to enter your desired introductory text.

Q: I want to show the header image on the member details page but even when I upload it, it doesn't appear on the member page.  What is wrong?
A: There is a setting that may be turned off on your website.  Access the Integration Settings Control Panel
and select Yes for #10 "Allow Member Page Header". Click Save.

Technical / ISCP Settings
Q: What changed in the ISCP (Integration Settings Control Panel)?
A: When you have v4 website modules enabled, a new Modules tab appears.  In addition, the Appearance tab now displays choices and a mock-up view that matches the selections available.

Q: What if I made a change in the Appearance tab (or other spots in the ISCP) and I'm not seeing those changes on my website?
A: Typically all you need to do is make sure you've refreshed your browser with a hard refresh (e.g. Ctrl-F5 in Chrome or Firefox) and then it will show up.  The change was actually done, but your browser is just remembering the old setting in cache memory.  One other possibility is that the change is still processing through our queue.  Check back on the site in a couple minutes. If still not showing up, contact support to see if there are other issues.

Q: With v4 selected, how do the selections on the Appearance tab compare with the selections I used to have in v3 website modules?
A: Most of the choices remained the same and they control similar features in v4.  But here is a quick summary of the differences:

  • There are 3 new choices to control the title of the cards: Card Title Font, Card Title Size and Card Title Color. 
  • Border Radius was renamed to Standard Border Radius (controls the rounded corners of the listings).
  • A new choice called Search Box Border Radius was added (controls the rounded corners of the search bar).
  • The v3 Listing Background Color is now the v4 Card Background Color
  • The v3 Listing Background Color (Alternate) is now the v4 Card Hover Color
Q: Are there any choices that are removed in the ISCP now?
A: Yes.  A few things are no longer needed on the Appearance tab.  Because the site is inherently response and since no Sort bar exists in v4 these choices have been removed:
  • Sort Bar Background Color
  • Sort Bar Font Color
  • Sort Bar Font Color (Hover)
  • Use Responsive CSS
  • Responsive Breakpoint

Q: What is the new Modules tab for?
A: Here you can select a default view for the search results (Card, List), enter introductory text for your modules pages, and/or a meta description for the module pages.

Q: Will the elements have the same classes as they did in v3 website modules?
A: Some elements will have the same classes but some will not.  We tried to keep things as much the same as possible for easy upgrading.

Q: Will the current v3 styling selections work on the new v4 website modules? 
A: Tweaks may be desired but the goal is to flip to v4 and have the font styles and coloring keep their match to your current theme.

Q: If I have database that feeds out to multiple website domains, can I have one domain on v3 and one domain on v4?
A: Yes. The Domains tab lets you select a version for the specific domain.  Make sure that when you wish to change Appearance settings that you are logged into the ISCP from the URL for the matching domain.