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ChamberMaster / MemberZone Benefit Tracking - Frequently Asked Questions

February 05, 2020

General Questions
Q: What if I have an item I’d like to track but it doesn’t have a quantity limitation
A: You can set the Qty limit to “0” (zero) which will set the value at unlimited

Q: Are staff limited by the restriction set on the item?
A: No, staff are not restricted. They are warned, but can go over the limit in case you want to give a bonus item.

Q Can you delete a benefit item or benefit package that has been created?
A: No, at this time the only option is to set a package or item as inactive. You can delete an accidentally usage assignment however from the Members>Benefit Tracking tab.

Q: Do all benefit items have to be assigned in a package?
A: Yes, if a single one-off item must be assigned, it must be done by creating a package with that single item in it.

Q: Can benefits be assigned to an individual representative?
A: No, all benefits are available to all reps of that member.

Q: Will a membership that comes thru the membership application automatically assign a benefit package?
A: No, not at this time. But future plans include that.

Q: Do you have an option to display a benefit on the list, but not track the usage. For example, "Lobbying on your behalf" that may not be tracked.
A: No, the items currently all have a quantity value associated

Q: Do benefits renew each year with their membership renewal date or is that something we'd have to set up on our own?
A: No, benefit packages are not automatically assigned at renewal. "Renewal" for each association can be quite unique and a new package might need to be assigned for the next term. so at this time, we have not provided any automatic re-assignment of a package. However, under Setup > Setup Benefit Packages on the Assign Benefit Packages tab will allow you to assign in bulk based on Renewal Month and other various filters. In addition, the assignment of a single package is done very easily from the Members>Benefit Tracking tab.

Event Questions

Q: Will my member be able to register for an event after their benefits have expired?
A: No. The expiration date set on their benefit package and the event date will determine if they can register. If the event date is after their expiration date, they will not be offered any benefits to select.

Q: My event already has member pricing setup, do I need to setup benefit tracking on that event?
A: No, events that already use member pricing do not need to be setup with Event tracking – tracking is for those events where the quantity is limited for that member.

Q: Event Benefit tracking is available for the registration items but it is also available for the Additional Registration Items?
A: No, the only benefit tracking for events is available on the registration items – not for additional items at this time.

Accounting Questions

Q: How does this work with my Bundled Fees?
A: This works just fine with Bundled Fees that you have setup for accounting purposes. Benefit Tracking is meant to track the usage of the items, whereas Bundled Fees are meant to track the accounting portion. You can continue to use Bundled Fees as you have if desired.

Q: I use Bundled Fees for accounting purposes and I understand I can keep using that, but will I continue to use the Bundled Fee Tracking button to record the usage?
A: No. You will not continue to use the Bundled Fee Tracking button on the Members>Account tab. Benefit Tracking replaces that by automatically tracking event usage and giving you the option to manually record any other standard benefit item.

Q: How does this affect my accounting?
A: Benefit Tracking itself does not create any entries in your Journal Entry Exports - so in that way, it does not affect your accounting at all from a general standpoint. However, in the case of event benefit use, you'll find that benefit discount items, just like a Promo Code or Membership Type discounts, may create a journal entry that would be exported, depending on if the discount is a free ticket or a reduced ticket.

Q: If I have a reduced or free event benefit item, what journal entries are created?
A:. A 100% discount does not create an invoice and thus is not included in Journal Entry Exports. A discount less than 100% will be included in the Journal Entry Export, reducing the income account of the registration item that the benefit is applied to by the amount of the discount. Benefit item discounts are handled the same way that a Promo Code or Membership Type discount is handled.

Q: How do I know how many benefit item discounts or free registrations were provided at an event?
A: An event benefit use report will show you how many registrations have been discounted or provided free per event. Providing this information to your accountant should help you plan accordingly.

Beta Group Questions
Q: What happens after the beta period ends? Will I be able to continue use of the Benefit Tracking items I've entered?

A: Yes, you'll be able to keep right on using the packages and items that you have setup. All records in your database will remain unchanged - you won't notice any difference when the beta group ends.